UNSC Jet Pack

UNSC Jet Pack

UNSC Jet Pack

Series 12 Single Operator Lift Apparatus

Lethbridge Industrial
Armor Optimization
9.6 in (24.3 cm)
21 in (53.1 cm)
16.2 in (41.2 cm)


All Navy and Marine Corp combat elements receive familiarization with jet packs for use in microgravity (e.g. when artificial gravity fails or while conducting boarding actions). However, only Spartans and particular commando units – such as ODST and Delta-Six operators – receive additional training on how to use the thruster units in an atmosphere. This is typically denoted as “jump pack training” despite the equipment commonality. Safety considerations are of paramount importance during this training, particularly for unaugmented personnel, who – unburdened by a half-ton of power armor – can easily misjudge the height and speed they can attain.

Though the next spiral of GEN2 Mjolnir refinements will incorporate an integrated set of thrusters, full maneuvering capabilities will continue to require a dedicated thruster pack. The standard post-war unit is Lethbridge’s Series 12 Single Operator Lift Apparatus (SOLA), which features integrated fly-by-light controls, seamless Mjolnir integration, and harness linkages for all current combat armor and techsuits.

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