Promethean Crawler

Promethean Crawler

Promethean Crawler

Forerunner Construct

Promethean Construct
Length Range:
6ft 8in – 7ft 8in (204.2 – 234.7cm)
Weight Range:
347 - 371 lbs (157.4 - 168.3 kg)


Promethean Crawlers are low-grade, quadruped constructs created by the Forerunners. The accepted theory is that their original use was as the initial deployment into Flood strongholds. After weakening the parasite’s numbers, the Forerunner commander known as the Didact could then send in more valuable assets. The UNSC first encountered Promethean Crawlers in 2557, after both the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn and UNSC Infinity crash-landed inside the Forerunner shield world of Requiem. Like most Promethean constructs, the Crawlers have multiple variations that fill different roles in combat.


Without question, the standard Crawler was the most prominent defensive element on Requiem. These aggressive hunters operate in groups or packs that quickly engulf their adversaries in overwhelming numbers. To make matters worse, Crawlers can target enemies both near and far with their embedded boltshot armament, and are even capable of vertically scaling structures to gain tactical advantage.

Crawler Snipe

The Crawler Snipe is a specialized class of Promethean Crawler. It is larger than the standard Crawler and equipped with distinctly shaped armor, ultimately focusing on long-range combat and reconnaissance. The Crawler Snipe’s most notable skill is its impressive ability to kill targets from extreme distances with an imminently mounted Forerunner binary weapon technology. This weapon can strike down enemies at significant range, disintegrating them with a single shot. From vantage points high above the battlefield, Crawler Snipes can reduce enemy numbers with unbelievable accuracy and devastating results.

Alpha Crawler

The Alpha Crawler is the most powerful class of Promethean Crawler. The series of large hard light spikes which line its head and back allow for easy identification of this formidable foe. They act as pack leaders, guiding Crawler detachments of varying sizes into battle. It is important to note that Alpha Crawlers are not always found in Crawler packs, and occasionally appear in numbers greater than three or four per pack. However, no matter their quantities, Alpha Crawlers always serve the same purpose: lead, augment, and fortify localized Crawler forces. With embedded Forerunner suppressor weaponry, they maintain a safe distance while unleashing a barrage of firepower on their targets.

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