Promethean Knight

Promethean Knight

Promethean Knight

Forerunner Construct

Promethean Construct
Height Range:
9ft 11in–12ft 2in (302.3–367.7cm)
Weight Range:
898–934lbs (407.3–423.7kg)


An elite sect within the rate of Warrior-Servant, the Prometheans were an incredibly skilled class of combatants who fought successfully in many conflicts across Forerunner history. Approximately 10,000 years before the activation of Halo, the Prometheans were a critical force during the war against the humans, but the political struggles afterward forced them into exile. Thousands of years later the parasite returned and the Prometheans were revived to make war against it. Though they suffered tremendous casualties, the worse came at their own hands.

Although the Composer could not return a living essence into an organic body, the essence could be incorporated into a machine and so began the Prometheans’ final strategy against the Flood. In full agreement, the Prometheans pledged to be composed and integrated into powerful war machines, following the Ur-Didact into war. Although this strategy worked incredibly well, there were not enough Prometheans to bring victory. Not deterred, the Ur-Didact refreshed his forces with protected human essences, putting him at odds with the Forerunners and eventually sealing his fate at the hands of his wife.

Although the original Prometheans may have ended during the Forerunners’ war with the Flood, the Promethean forces found by UNSC forces on Requiem are still a very real embodiment of that same ancient, formidable role. These vicious mechanized warriors carry in them the composed essences of humans, single-mindedly tasked with the security of any Forerunner strongholds they’ve been left to guard. The Promethean Knights thus far encountered by the UNSC have a heavy, well-armored torso, resting atop a pair of stalking legs. Its primary arms are mounted with heavy weapons, bearing smaller manipulating appendages tucked below a tightly caged head. While currently the UNSC has recorded encounters with four specific variations of Promethean Knight, it can be inferred that there might potentially be further variations designed to full more specialized roles.


Designed and literally molded into existence by the Didact, Promethean Knights represent his final effort at destroying the Flood and preventing the firing of the Halo Array. These ancient and mighty warriors are not autonomous drones like Sentinels or even Crawlers, but are driven by the roiling vestiges of human essences composed during the last days of Forerunner history. Although their presence would not prevent the firing of Halo, they were tasked with guarding high-value Forerunner strongholds until the Didact was released.

Knight Lancer

Knight Lancers generally function as scouts and snipers, representing a critical component in the Didact’s Promethean stratagem of Flood containment and cauterization. Lancers are fully capable of engaging in close-quarters combat like other Promethean classes. However, they are explicitly designed to secure elevated positions from which they can survey the battlefield, unleashing remarkably accurate and lethal fire from massive ranges. Additionally, Lancers can activate a hovering drone called the Autosentry—a powerful tool that provides stationary yet versatile covering fire, tenaciously unleashing damage on any enemies.

Knight Commander

Knight Commanders form the primary leadership of all Promethean Knight detachments, though this is a less rigid structuring based not on rate or experience, but rather on a strategic necessity. Commanders are outfitted with impressively heavy armor and wield a powerful Forerunner weapon known as the Incineration Cannon—they are often deployed where substantial hostile forces exist. Knight Commanders are remarkable tacticians, but their use of incredible firepower, drone sentries, and enhanced vision make them formidable against large numbers of infantry, powerful weapon emplacements, or even heavy vehicles.

Knight Battlewagon

Arguably the most dangerous and unpredictable of Promethean Knights, the Knight Battlewagons are an incredibly dominant force, created for close-quarters combat. Their hulking frames are covered in dense, resilient armor laced with fanned barbs of hard light. As their name portends, the Knight Battlewagon is more of a walking weapon than an individual combatant. It is incredibly fierce in wielding the Prometheans’ classic Scattershot weapon as previously used during their war with the Flood. They are extraordinarily lethal and have been known to single-handedly lay siege to even the most heavily fortified of sites.

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