Promethean Watcher

Promethean Watcher

Promethean Watcher

Forerunner Construct

Promethean Construct
4ft 2in (127cm)
318 lbs (144.2kg)


Forerunner Warrior-Servants designed the Promethean Watchers to act primarily as defensive drones, taking on a tactical support role. Controlled by a low-level ancilla, Watchers are initially held within the armored shell of a Promethean Knight. During combat, they emerge and aid Knights, utilizing hard light energy shielding to protect its allies, as well as actively reconstituting fallen allies. While their primary operation is defensive, they have been known to function offensively, raining down fire on enemies with their mounted boltshot. The UNSC first encountered Promethean Watchers in 2557, on the Forerunner shield world of Requiem.

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