Active Camouflage

Active Camouflage is an armor module that allows its user to become nearly invisible for stealth operations.

Artemis Tracking System

The Artemis Tracking System, or ATS, is a prototype sensor system for use by Spartan soldiers, allowing them to investigate their immediate area for objects of tactical significance.

Bubble Shield

The Bubble Shield is a deployable equipment system that creates a spherical force field when activated.


Biofoam is an analgesic and antiseptic foaming polymer compound used by soldiers and medics to seal and disinfect deep wounds. It is a standard component of all UNSC first-aid kits.


Cytoprethaline is used in the process of cryogenic storage for preventing damage to cell membranes and ensuring healthy and safe transportation across space.

Covenant Drop Pods

The Covenant drop pod is the quickest and most efficient troop deployment method, though it comes with extreme risk.

UNSC Jet Pack

The Jet Pack is an apparatus that provides limited flight capability in a gravity well and full maneuver control in microgravity operations.

UNSC Drop Pods

The drop pod is a means of troop deployment from very high altitudes or, in most cases, from space. This equipment is most frequently employed by Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST).


VISR is a data management suite used by ODST and Spartan super-soldiers to enhance their situational awareness on the battlefield.