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UNSC Frigate

Frigates are relatively small and fast UNSC combat vessels, designed primarily for their speed and effective armament.

Argent Moon

Argent Moon was an ONI-controlled research facility where unauthorized and potentially dangerous biological testing was allegedly carried out.


The Banshee is easily the Covenant’s most common support aircraft, offering extremely high maneuverability alongside an impressive armament.

Brute Prowler

The Brute Prowler is a Jiralhanae-designed infantry fighting vehicle that was deployed in the final months of the Covenant War.


The Condor is long-range aerospace transport vessel equipped with a slipspace drive and developed by Misriah Armory.

Colonial Tug

The Colonial Tug is an interplanetary transport vessels primarily used for the transport of civilian goods and cargo.


Originally designed for farming purposes, the Brutes reconfigured the Chopper, transforming the machine into a swift and violent assault vehicle.


The Cyclops is a one-man bipedal vehicle designed for combat engineering and dock work aboard UNSC vessels.

Covenant Cruiser

Covenant cruisers are midsize capital ships capable of conducting independent naval operations.

Covenant Destroyer

The Covenant destroyer is a vessel intended specifically for pursuit and attack, although it can and has been used in lieu of cruisers and carriers for occupation purposes.

Covenant Corvette

Covenant corvettes are fast, sleek support vessels used for reconnaissance, fleet escort, troop transport, and bombardment of surface targets.


The Forerunner dreadnought, also referred to as the keyship, played a vital role in conserving life in the galaxy.


The Falcon is a versatile, multipurpose utility helicopter used by UNSC Army units.


The Ghost is the Covenant’s premiere scouting vehicle and has been a staple of their ground forces in a number of variations.


The Grizzly is employed in combat situations that require overwhelming firepower and near-invulnerability.

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