Argent Moon

Argent Moon

Argent Moon

Research Facility

Research and Development
Entered Service:
May 7, 2553
October 23, 2558


There have long been reports that ONI routinely experiments with technology retrieved from the Halo installations, using standalone production facilities as remote test platforms to conduct potentially hazardous research. While it had been speculated that Argent Moon was one such site, it wasn’t until recovery efforts found traces of unsanctioned stealth technology and documentation of an experimental biological weapon in its wreckage that those suspicions were confirmed.


The Argent Moon, while loosely resembling some of the deep survey craft designs of the 22nd century, is actually not a ship at all, but rather a large-scale production plant. With navigation and operation controls at the fore and maneuvering propulsion systems aft, the bulk of Moon’s activity occurs in between these, within a massive, city-sized superstructure. It’s here that ONI crews work on highly classified and experimental projects, as well as a variety of weapons testing.


Argent Moon’s existence remained a secret for years, until it unexpectedly was destroyed, leaving investigators to sift through the debris for clues. Although the Moon’s shipboard AI was irreparably damaged when the station exploded, salvaged data suggested the station’s laboratories were dedicated to producing a weaponized biological agent which would remain dormant and asymptomatic as it spread through a population before being activated by an otherwise harmless aerosol dispersant.

Partial station records further revealed that laboratory containment was breached and Argent Moon’s research and habitation areas were exposed to a particularly aggressive form of the agent. Contamination was total, and the strain’s high fatality rate resulted in the total elimination of the crew. Quarantine protocol was automatically engaged, but none of Argent Moon’s mandated warning beacons successfully deployed.

The empty station drifted until it was boarded by a group of Kig-Yar scavengers, who in turn sold their find to Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant. Ignorant of any biological threat, ‘Mdama’s team boarded the Argent Moon. Soon after, the station was destroyed, with little indication of the cause.

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