Brute Prowler

Brute Prowler

Brute Prowler

Type-52 Infantry Support Vehicle

Sacred Promissory
1 Driver + 1 Gunner + 2 Passengers
Primary Armament:
Light Plasma Cannon
Maximum Speed:
58mph (92km/h)
23.3ft (7.1m)
13.8ft (4.2m)
9.6ft (2.9m)
7.3 tons (6.6 tonnes)


The Brute Prowler - like most other Jiralhanae weapons and vehicles – is a composite design that marries Covenant technology to an indigenous design. The exact configuration of the original Brute vehicle is unknown, though theories range from an arctic fast-attack vehicle to naval patrol boat.


Brute Prowlers are armed with a single pintle-mounted light plasma cannon of dubious utility. Brute drivers preferred to use the vehicle’s armored prow as the primary weapon, cutting down enemy infantry and ramming into armored vehicles before unloading its passengers. Manufacturer Sacred Promissory

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