Type-25 Rapid Assault Vehicle

Sacred Promissory
1 Operator
Primary Armament:
35mm Autocannon (4)
Secondary Armament:
Ramming Targe
Maximum Speed:
74 kilometers per hour (46 mph)
20.9ft (6.4m)
9.3ft (2.8m)
1.1 tons (1 tonne)


Originally a human farming instrument reconfigured by Huragok for peaceful purposes, the Jiralhanae quickly transformed the vehicle into a swift assault craft. Thousands of the vehicles remain in service with Brute packs and rebel groups of various species and affiliations.

Designed during the Jiralhanae's first encounter with humans, the Jiralhanae machine known as the Chopper serves as a rapid assault vehicle, providing infantry ground support and augmenting existing armor. Its size, shape, speed, and overall maneuverability make it incredibly effective in a variety of terrains and environments, whether they be expansive landscapes of looming sand dunes or the narrow confines of a human city.


Choppers constructed by High Charity made full use of advanced nanofabrication facilities, though Brute psychological peculiarities and extremely poor maintenance programs required that the final products were necessarily crude in appearance and some aspects of their function. Those manufactured by Brutes themselves were often composed of salvaged human and Covenant equipment, marrying damaged Ghost boosted-gravity drives with human battleplate in a savage composite.


Shortly before the Brute cruiser Rapid Conversion made contact with humanity on the planet Harvest, an accident damaged one of the Spirit dropships onboard. A Covenant Huragok, Lighter Than Some, seized this opportunity to atone for a past misdeed he committed against the humans. Since the planet was agrarian, the creature used parts from the Spirit to create a pair of farming vehicles – akin to Harvest’s JOTUN tractors – as a gift for the humans. However, believing these to be combat vehicles, the Brutes affixed weapons to the machines and deployed them against the very same humans for whom the vehicles were intended. After Harvest, the Brutes integrated several features more reasonable for a rapid assault vehicle, including twin pairs heavy spike cannons for ranged combat.

Throughout the war with humanity, the Brutes continued to intermittently manufacture Choppers until 2552, when the bulk of the vehicle’s production were moved to High Charity’s Sacred Promissory in the leadup to the Brute’s coup d'état against the Covenant’s military leaders, the Elites. These secret forges produced massive numbers of these crude machines until High Charity’s destruction following the Great Schism. The resulting loss of the Sacred Promissory did not end the Chopper’s production, however, as scattered worlds under the thumb of Brute warlords continue to assemble these vehicles for independent raiding packs and Banished warhosts alike, ensuring that they will continue to be an unwelcome sight on human worlds for many years to come.

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