Colonial Tug

Colonial Tug

Colonial Tug

Bactrian-class Freighter

Oros Trading Company
2 Personal
Biometric Ignition


The Colonial Tug is one of a broad range of interplanetary transport vessels primarily utilized in the freightage of cargo between colonies. This variant is most prevalent on the human colony world of Aleria and represents a useful but widely-antiquated design. These particular tugs represent an older model of craft, lacking more modern technological advancements such as trans-optic scaling, an augmented sighting system that assists in navigation controls.

Tugs like these were not without their own security measures, including the employment of a biometric ignition to satisfy the requirements of the cooperative protocol, a two-pilot system on mining and transport tugs. Freighter companies found that two-seater transports had the lowest risk of all mining units, leading to an influx of two-seat tugs like the Bactrian-class freighter and the increased use of biometric ignitions. The cooperative protocol is designed to mitigate certain risks in operation as only a tug’s specific operators would be able to turn its engines.

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