Covenant Corvette

Covenant Corvette

Covenant Corvette


Stealth, intelligence gathering, escort
Primary Armament:
Plasma cannons
1,590ft -3,135ft (956m - 485m)
985ft - 1,309ft (399m - 202m)


Used for a wide variety of functions, Covenant corvettes historically took part in surveying of Forerunner reliquary sites and deployment of small artifact-retrieval teams to evade any active defensive measures. In the war against the humans they were utilized in front-line combat roles as well as long-range reconnaissance of potential naval staging areas and colonies. In both roles the Covenant corvette’s relatively small size, maneuverability, and low sensor signature allow them to remain undetected except at close range.


There are two known variants of the Covenant corvette.

DAV-class Light Corvette: The light corvette is used primarily for stealth missions and covert information gathering, including the deployment and retrieval of Ranger teams.

SDV-class Heavy Corvette: Heavy corvettes rarely engage in ship-to-ship combat, though they are capable of engaging human frigates on more-or-less even terms, if pressed. Instead they typically escort larger capital ships, deploy fighters in fleet engagements, and screen support ships from human fast-attack craft.

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