Indulgence of Conviction

Indulgence of Conviction

Indulgence of Conviction


Assembly Forges
Primary Armament:
Ventral Cleansing Beam
Secondary Armament:
Anterior Plasma Cannons
Tertiary Armament:
Point Laser Defense
5,847ft (1,782m)
2,827ft (862m)
2552 (Battle of Voi)


The Indulgence of Conviction was a Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser captured by the Flood at the end of the Human-Covenant War. Its offensive and defensive abilities, combined with a large personnel and equipment capacity, made it ideal for troop and vehicle deployment during ground engagements, as well as ship-to-ship naval combat.

Battle of Voi

The Flood successfully captured the Indulgence of Conviction during the Battle of Installation 05. After the parasite had infected the ship's crew, the Flood wasted no time in breaking through the already overwhelmed Sangheili blockade. Setting its sights on the human homeworld, the ship crashed on Earth near the city of Voi and unleashed its parasitic cargo. The Master Chief John-117 and the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam made the decision to detonate the ship’s reactors to prevent the Flood from spreading further. The plan was halted when John-117 learned there was a chance that Cortana was aboard the vessel.

He entered the ship and found, not Cortana, but a message from her with vital information on a way to defeat the Flood. The area around the ship was evacuated and the Fleet of Retribution selectively glassed the contaminated area, destroying both the remains of the ship and the Flood.

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