UNSC Infinity

UNSC Infinity

UNSC Infinity


Infinity-class Starship
18,682ft (5,694m)
2,734ft (833m)
3,416ft (1,041m)
Primary Armament:
CR-03, Series-8 MAC
Secondary Armament:
M42 Archer Missile Delivery System
Tertiary Armament:
M75 Rapier Missile Delivery System
Quaternary Armament:
M96 Howler Missile Delivery System


Without equal throughout all of UNSC’s naval forces, Infinity is the largest, most powerful vessel ever employed by humanity. Prior to the end of the war, it was designed to contend with the Covenant—something the Navy had failed to do effectively for almost thirty years. After 2552, Infinity was publicly commissioned for peaceful exploration and research, but this changed when its crew came upon Requiem and was mercilessly pulled into its shielded outer surface. After managing to escape, Infinity returned several months later under the leadership of Captain Thomas Lasky and once again contended with the forces of Requiem.


In March of 2558, Commander Sarah Palmer deployed Fireteams Majestic, Fenrir and Colossus to repel an attack on the UNSC Infinity, preventing the freighter Pilgrims’ Pride from self-destructing on the ship.

After learning the freighter’s assault crafts belonged to the long-lost UNSC Spirit of Fire, Infinity’s AI Roland tracked the freighter’s launch origin to Oth Lodon, a gas giant located deep in Jiralhanae-controlled space. With the prospect of finally finding the Spirit of Fire, Lord Hood gave authorization to Commander Palmer to attempt a search and rescue. While scouting the system's asteroid field, Fireteam Majestic and Commander Palmer discovered not the Spirit of Fire but rather a Covenant station currently under control by New Colonial Alliance insurgents.

After the station surprised and disabled the Infinity, Commander Palmer and Spartan Thorne led Majestic in an effort to take control of the station. Eventually, Palmer and Majestic used the station’s own firepower against Covenant Shipmaster Vata 'Gajat's flagship, destroying it and saving the Infinity from further harm.

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