AV-30 Light Assault VTOL

Misriah Armory
1 operator
Fast Attack


The AV-30 Kestrel is technically classified as a Light Assault VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), though in most cases it operates as a well-armed, high-mobility combat hovercraft. The Kestrel is propelled by three independently powered ducted fans that allow the vehicle to deftly navigate surprisingly narrow spaces and engage in acrobatic aerial maneuvers.


The standard production model Kestrel is armed with twin GAU-10/A heavy autocannons, though experimental models have also included a pair of M302 rocket pods. 


The Office of Naval Intelligence invests heavily in weapons prototyping, although most new designs never make it past the theoretical/modeling stage. Every once in a while a new weapon system proves to have the perfect mix of lethality and survivability, and the Kestrel is a perfect example of human ingenuity pushing the war effort in the right direction. Starting with several competing design philosophies encompassing various shapes, armament combinations, and turbine layouts, ONI skunkworks engineers eventually settled on a final design that was handed off to Misriah Armory for serial production.

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