Meridian 5-Alpha

Meridian 5-Alpha

Meridian 5-Alpha

Colony Support Ship

Medium Cargo Transport
Star Charter


The last of Meridian’s colony support ships, generally known only as “Alpha,” this vessel has served as one of the primary sustaining resources for the moon’s salvaging effort. After the Covenant’s first strike in 2548, a handful of these support ships were moved to the far side of Hestia V for safety. Miraculously, local skirmishes kept the Covenant preoccupied across the system for nearly three years, but after the UNSC abandoned the colony in 2551, these ships were later summoned by Liang-Dortmund to help facilitate their work. Following the awakening of the Forerunner Guardian on Meridian in October of 2558, most of Alpha was rendered inoperable in the destruction. 

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