ONI Acrisius

ONI Acrisius

ONI Acrisius


1 pilot, 1 weapons officer, 20 passengers
Primary armament:
M8545 ASW/AC 40mm MLA (2)
Secondary armament:
CBU-R68 Moray System


ONI Acrisius is a state-of-the-art Winter-class prowler, designed primarily for speed and stealth with the purpose of deep space reconnaissance. Fitted with a prototype slipspace drive, this ship could be quickly deployed in the far reaches of the galaxy to monitor ex-Covenant species and human insurgents, precautionary efforts to ensure humanity’s safety. For the Acrisius, however, these unique features were used to support ONI’s exfiltration protocol on the remote development site Argent Moon, where the prowler could be activated for swift departure.


Similar in form and functionality to the classic Black Cat-class subprowlers used in the early 26th century, the Acrisius is a fully equipped Winter-class vessel, constructed with a smaller and more compact frame than other prowlers. Its aerodynamic armature, swooped back wings, and narrow cockpit resembles a number of UNSC fighters, intended for improved speed and versatility during atmospheric operations. Winter-class prowlers like Acrisius are lightly armed with twin machine guns and an aft-mounted mine-deployment system, but they are primarily designed for evasion and escape. Relying on incredibly advanced stealth system from scuppered Forerunner and Covenant technology, the prowler can remain completely hidden from both sight and sensors.


In the years following the war, ONI revisited a number of pre-Covenant prowler designs which focused on espionage and reconnaissance over combat. The Acrisius, and other Winter-class prowlers, arose for this production stem. When Argent Moon was constructed, Acrisius remained on the station for the full duration of the research site’s existence. Protocol dictated that if any high-profile ONI personnel were in danger, they were to utilize Acrisius to escape. This plan was not realized until well after the Argent Moon had already been infiltrated and subverted when a Spartan strike team was forced to completely destroy the research site to keep its secrets safe from the Covenant.

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