ONI Prowler

ONI Prowler

ONI Prowler

Strategic Reconnaissance Vessel

Winter, Razor, Eclipse, Sahara
Stealth and Reconnaissance


ONI Prowlers are small (typically, corvette-sized) warships that minimize their signature through the use of low-observable design features, stealth systems, and low-profile sensor systems. Though not invisible they are difficult to detect, and even more difficult to categorize – most distort their unavoidable emissions to appear as low-threat vessels, wreckage, or even friendly vessels. Prowler captains are also highly trained in the use of concealment and deception, particularly in the use of planetary bodies to mask their presence and the deployment of drone networks to remain in concealment while conducting their missions.

Active Stealth Systems

Traditional prowlers rely on passive features to remain undetected, minimizing their thermal signature, radar cross section, and electronic emissions though careful design, consumables (such as heat sinks and deception jammers), and emissions baffling. The reverse-engineering of active camouflage systems and limited integration of Forerunner “baffler” sensor distortion technology simply enhanced the vessels inherent stealth capabilities, allowing the vessels to avoid or defeat detection techniques that the Covenant had developed during the War.


An informal designation, subprowlers are stealthy smallcraft – often deployed by larger prowlers – that are used to infiltrate and exfiltrate personnel and cargo from planetary surfaces. Though designed with low-observable technologies, subprowlers also feature a host of electronic countermeasure and decoy capabilities that increase their survivability in the dangerous period when entering and exiting atmospheres, or when operating near advanced aerospace defenses.

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