T-57 Dropship Troop Carrier

First Observed:
2 crew + 20 passengers
103.5ft (31.5m)
66ft (20.1m)
32.8ft (10m)


Agile and heavily armed, the Phantom is a versatile assault dropship used to ferry troops, armored vehicles, and even pre-fabricated fortifications from staging areas and carriers directly to the battlefield.

All Phantoms are large, twin-engine dropships with a sinuous design emblematic of Sangheili-engineered craft. The cockpit for the Phantom is located at the fore in an armored pod. The troop bay is accessed through the rear hatch, flank doors, or the dropship's integral gravity lift.


One impulse drive unit is fitted to each side of the Phantom, with the generators in front and control machinery stretching along the top of the craft until it terminates in control vanes in the rear.


Standard Phantom's are armed with a limited-rotation heavy plasma cannon turret installed on an armature located beneath the cockpit and two smaller plasma cannon door guns on the flanks.


T-44: The T-44 is currently the most common version of the Phantom. The warring Sangheili factions make extensive use of this variant, though the UNSC also captured a large number of these vehicles during combat operations on Requiem.

T-52: Introduced in the last year of the Human-Covenant War, the Type-52 was an improvement over the earlier T-44 in every way. Its sleek silhouette is imprinted in the minds of war survivors from Reach and Earth, making it the most well know of the Phantoms among humans. However, many Covenant forces never had the opportunity to use the T-52 before the loss of High Charity effectively ended its production.

T-57: Combat losses of the T-44 and T-52 have forced the Covenant and Swords of Sanghelios to turn to their allies and independent assembly forges for new dropships. The T-57 is easier to manufacture and maintain without access to high-tier fabrication facilities, at the sacrifice of exoatmospheric performance.

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