UNSC Pillar of Autumn

UNSC Pillar of Autumn

UNSC Pillar of Autumn


Halcyon-Class Light Cruiser
3,841ft (1,171m)
1,156ft (352m)
Primary Armament:
Mark II, Light Coil - 56A2D4/MAC
Secondary Armament:
M58 Archer Missile Delivery System
Tertiary Armament:
M910 Rampart 50mm Point Defense Network


Built in 2510, the Pillar of Autumn served the UNSC during both the rebellion and the conflict with the Covenant. In 2552, it was extensively upgraded for Operation: RED FLAG, a classified mission that intended to send it and its crew deep into Covenant-controlled space. RED FLAG’s goal was the capture of a Covenant Prophet, but when the aliens suddenly arrived at Reach, the Autumn narrowly evaded their assault by escaping into the unknown of slipspace. Eventually, they arrived at Installation 04, where the UNSC came face to face with the threat of both Halo and the Flood.

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