Shadow of Intent

Shadow of Intent

Shadow of Intent


17,541ft (5,347m)
6,948ft (2,118m)
2,448ft (746m)
Primary Armament:
Ventral Cleansing Beam
Secondary Armament:
Anterior Plasma Cannons
Tertiary Armament:
Plasma Torpedo Silo Network
Quaternary Armament:
Point Laser Defense


The Shadow of Intent is a Covenant CAS-class assault carrier, massive, and capable of carrying thousands of warriors and their instruments of war. It serves as the core of the Arbiter’s loyal fleet assets, and is commanded by the legendary Rtas ‘Vadum. In the post-War period, the vessel is both feared and revered as a herald of the Swords of Sanghelios.


Very little is known of the Shadow of Intent’s operational history before the Great Schism. However, at the start of the Covenant civil war it was seized by Jiralhanae forces and turned against the Sangheili fleet staged outside High Charity. As the Arbiter fought to stop the firing of Delta Halo, special operations commander Rtas ‘Vadum led a strikeforce aboard the ship to retake control.

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