Song of Retribution

Song of Retribution

Song of Retribution

CAS Assault Carrier

17,541ft (5,347m)
6,948ft (2,118m)
2,448ft (746m)
Primary Armament:
Ventral Cleansing Beam
Secondary Armament:
Anterior Plasma Cannons
Tertiary Armament:
Plasma Torpedo Silo Network
Quaternary Armament:
Point Laser Defense


After escaping the human-occupied shield world of Onyx (ONI Research Facility Trevelyan) Sangheili warlord Jul ‘Mdama accrued a number of vessels in an effort to form a reasonably sized fleet capable of engaging humanity. At the head of this newly resurrected Covenant flotilla was ‘Mdama’s flagship, Song of Retribution. The ship was a traditional CAS-class assault carrier capable of impressive speed and incredible firepower.

After ‘Mdama’s discovery of Requiem, he ordered the Song of Retribution to search for a way inside the shield world, but all attempts ended in failure. It would not be until after the derelict wreckage of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn drifted toward Requiem that ‘Mdama would gain access to the planet’s interior. In an attempt to prevent humanity from accessing Requiem, ‘Mdama ordered his ships to attack the human vessel. Shortly thereafter, all ships in the area were captured by the planet’s gravity and pulled inside.

Following the Didact’s reawakening, ‘Mdama and the Song of Retribution participated in a series of campaigns on Requiem before eventually fleeing the doomed planet. The ship’s current location and fate remain a mystery.

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