T-57/T-25 Troop Carrier

Assembly Forges/Merchants of Qikost
First Observed:
1 pilot + 30 passengers
Maximum Speed:
683 mph (1,099 km/h) in atmosphere
108.4ft (33m)
59.5ft (18.1m)
38ft (11.6m)
67.9 tons (61.6 tonnes)


Much like the Phantom, the Spirit’s primary function is transportation of infantry and vehicles to and from combat zones. But, like all vehicles, its overall effectiveness is the net sum of its advantages and liabilities, and the Spirit has both.

One significant disadvantage is its ungainly split-fuselage design and claustrophobic troop bays. These features can make troop and vehicle deployment a frustrating affair for the pilot, and a harrowing experience for its passengers; especially after the UNSC learned to exploit its predictable deployment methodology. On the other hand, the hull is surprisingly robust, and pilot extremely well protected in the aft cockpit; a Spirit will survive combat zones that would prove suicidal for the somewhat more fragile Phantom.


The Spirit’s baseline shape is roughly that of a human tuning fork, with the pilot’s compartment at the rear and twin troop bays extending forward toward the front of the craft. Between the out-slung troop bays is a gravity hoist that can transport all but the heaviest Covenant vehicle. Typically the Spirit can carry up to thirty Covenant infantry, split between the two troop bays. 

Throughout the Covenant War, the most ubiquitously encountered Spirit model was easily the T-25 variant, which showcased design details more directly in line with the San’Shyuum’s aesthetic preferences. 

Encountered more recently, the T-57 Spirit’s retains the craft’s prominent “tuning fork” shape, but incorporates a number of design evolutions iterated upon by the Merchants of Qikost, including a more streamlined profile, upgraded armor, improved in-atmosphere maneuverability, and faster troop-deployment. Rumors that the Sangheili artisans responsible for the T-57 Spirit accomplished the upgrades with the aid of a secretly-sequestered Huragok remain unsubstantiated. 


Below the pilot’s cabin is the Spirit’s solitary defensive weapon, a low-mounted plasma cannon. ONI analysis shows that the cannon appears to be a slightly older variation of the weapon installed on the Type-25 Shade turret.

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