Type-28 Intrusion Vehicle

Assembly Forges
204ft (62.2m)
116ft (35.4m)
92.2ft (28.1m)


Though the Covenant were all too often satisfied with simply burning their opponents at a distance with plasma torpedoes and beams, there were instances when a more up close and personal approach was deemed necessary due to sensitivity of the mission or defenses of the target.

Known as the “Tick” to Navy personnel, the Type-28 Intrusion Vehicle was among the specialized vehicles that Covenant fleets used to deliver boarding parties onto enemy ships and strongholds in order to secure high-value assets, destroy critical systems, and deploy antimatter demolition charges.


Ticks are carried on most large Covenant warships, and are occasionally used as general-purpose shuttles in addition to their role as a boarding craft. Fitted with extremely high-thrust impulse drives, the Tick can accelerate and decelerate at bone-crushing rates, with the pilot and passengers at the mercy of the vehicle’s occasionally unreliable inertial dampers.

Once a suitable entry point has been established, the Tick opens docking claspers, locks itself in place, and extends a breaching proboscis that burns and bores into the enemy’s hull. Once a passageway has been established, Covenant lances are able to exit the Tick’s troop compartment through the proboscis and begin conducting their mission. At the completion of the mission the Tick retracts the boarding tube, unclamps, and boost away.

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