UNSC Cruiser

UNSC Cruiser

UNSC Cruiser

Halcyon, Marathon, Valiant, and Autumn

Attack, Transportation
Varies based on class
Primary Armament:
Heavy MAC
Secondary Armament:
Missile Delivery System
Tertiary Armament:
Point Defense Network


Cruisers are the backbone of the UNSC fleet, though they are often dwarfed by their Covenant counterparts in both size and firepower. Few human cruisers survived to see the end of the Covenant War, though new designs are currently being produced in limited numbers.


Designed in 2510 CE, the Halcyon-class only saw a brief era of service due to cost, a lack of speed, poor initial armament, and other concerns regarding its tactical viability.
ROLE: Attack, defense LENGTH: 3,841ft (1,171m)


Due to their durability and firepower, Marathon-class cruisers were often reserved for use as command ships.
ROLE: Command, attack LENGTH: 3,910ft (1,191m)


The Valiant-class was a super-heavy cruiser dedicated to command-and-control of fleet operations.
ROLE: Command Length: 4,980ft (1,518m)


The Autumn-class is a post-War design slated to form the core of the reconstituted UNSC Navy’s task forces.
ROLE: Attack Length: 4,674ft (1,425m)

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