UNSC Frigate

UNSC Frigate

UNSC Frigate

Stalwart, Charon, Paris, Strident
Combat and escort
Primary Armament:
Mark IV, Heavy Coil - 94B1E6/MAC
Secondary Armament:
M42 Archer Missile Delivery System
Tertiary Armament:
M870 Rampart 50mm Point Defense Network
Quaternary Armament:
M4093 Hyperion Nuclear Delivery System


Easily one of the most critical vessels within the UNSC Navy during the course of the war, humanity’s frigates are light combat ships designed for speed, maneuverability, and firepower. The most recent addition to the frigate type is the Strident-class, lean and lethal machines, which pack incredible firepower. They include a Mark IV ship-mounted MAC and three Hyperion nuclear warheads—weapons even capable of defeating a variety of Covenant capital ships if their shields are down.

In fact, Strident-class frigates are considered so invaluable that even the enormous and powerful UNSC Infinity carries a number of them, underslung within its sub-vessel deployment bay. After an initial assault, these are deployed en masse, delivering a final, crushing blow and mopping up any stragglers in the process. Without question, frigates remain at the center of the UNSC’s naval dominance in the years following the Covenant War.


Charon (1,607ft/490m)

While not as greatly armed or armored as other similar vessels, Charon-class light frigates have the capacity to carry a large complement of troops and vehicles into battle.

Paris (1,755ft/535m)

During the invasion of Reach in August 2552, the Epsilon Eridani Fleet deployed vast numbers of Paris-class frigates in defense of the local colonies. Though out-numbered, these heavy frigates proved their worth in battle thanks to additional armor plating that increased their defense against the Covenant arsenal and their surplus of armament compared to standard frigates.

Stalwart (1,568ft/478m)

Designed with planetary defense in mind, Stalwart-class light frigates enjoy great success due to their superb balance between troop transportation and fleet support.

Strident (1,887ft/575m)

Prominent in the years following the Covenant War, the Strident-class heavy frigate is an incredibly fast and agile UNSC capital ship capable of precise naval combat. As many as ten Strident-class frigates can be docked inside the UNSC Infinity's sub-vessel deployment bay. One significant change between these ships and previous models is the addition of energy shields rather than a reliance solely on the ship’s outer hull for protection.

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