M12 Force Application Vehicles

AMG Transport Dynamics
Entered Service:
1 driver + 1 passenger (varies by model)
Maximum Speed:
78mph (125km/h)
20.5ft (6.3m)
20.5ft (6.3m)
8.1ft (2.5m)
3.25 tons (3 tonnes)


The Warthog is the UNSC's primary ground transportation vehicle. It offers several variants typically differentiated by their mounted weapon systems. While some Warthogs are intended solely for transportation, most types provide exceedingly versatile anti-aircraft or anti-armor options, which further optimize the vehicles’ light armor and deft mobility.

The Warthog is a four-wheel, all-terrain vehicle with a forward-housed, low-profile, liquid-cooled, hydrogen-burning internal combustion engine (ICE) which powers an automatic infinitely variable transmission (IVT). Warthog’s maintain a large, light-armored frame, with heavy grade nanotube-lined wheels (previously inert-gas pocket) and a high suspension system. They bear a towing winch system with hooks somewhat resembling the tusks of a warthog (hence its name). The Warthog's hydrogen tanks can power the vehicle for up to 490 miles (790 kilometers) before refueling. In field conditions, operators can use the Graf/Hauptman solar-powered electrolysis and compression system to filter water or crack it into fuel. These features, coupled with a rugged, in-field resiliency have maintained the Warthog’s renowned legacy for decades.


AMG Transport Dynamics designed the first Warthog prototype in 2319. The Z-12 prototype vehicles quickly made a name for themselves due to AMG's well-crafted advertising campaign and exceptional engineering team that showcased the prototype’s impressive feature set and unparalleled functionality in the unpopulated outlands of both Luna and Mars. It was lauded as the vehicle that could go anywhere and do anything.

During the first eight months of the prototype’s existence, AMG Transport Dynamics received over three dozen exclusivity contracts, the largest and most lucrative being with the Colonial Military Administration (CMA). By 2321, AMG Transport Dynamics had secured a deal with the CMA to meet nearly all of their land-based transportation needs. It was at this time that the Z-12 became the M12 Force Application Vehicle (FAV) with the addition of a pneumatically powered swivel mount and armored body panels.

By 2329, the ‘Warthog,’ as it was called by CMA personnel, had become the most common military all-terrain vehicle, closely trailed by AMG Transport Dynamics’ Civet ATV. Over two hundred years later, after more than a dozen iterative changes, the M12 FAV remains the standard utility vehicle in UNSC service. The vehicle is so ubiquitous that all UNSC personnel are required to know how to operate and maintain the M12 FAV, regardless of military specialty or branch of service.


The standard Warthog offers two seats (driver, side passenger) and a cargo bed for carrying equipment or other personnel. Variants of the Warthog have been in service with UNSC forces for over two centuries.

M12: The most common series within the FAV platform is the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (LRV) fitted with a pneumatically powered, 360-degree rotation multi-purpose light anti-aircraft machine gun. Major variants are informally denoted by their year of production.

M12A1: The M12A1 Light Anti-armor Vehicle (LAAV) "Rocket Hog" saw limited use, but packed an impressive amount of firepower onto a mobile platform in the form of a heavy M39 Rocket Turret.

M12G: The primary anti-armor variant of the FAV platform is easily the M12G LAAV, which leverages the devastatingly effective Gauss Cannon.

M12R: Equipped with an M79 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), the M12R "Missile Hog" proved invaluable in operations such as the Szurdok Ridge offensive on Reach in 2552.

M831: The standard non-combat Warthog used for personnel transport. Instead of armament, the M831 "Troop Hog" features a protective roll-cage and seating for up to four passengers in side-facing bench seats. A high-powered spotlight is also fitted. While the passengers can generate an impressive amount of firepower (if properly equipped), they are also exposed to enemy attack and vulnerable to rollovers and other catastrophes. The four subvariants: M831A, M831B, M831C, and M831D differ in minor ways.

M862: Referred to as the "Arctic Hog", this extreme-environment variant features an enclosed cabin and quad-tracks, allowing it to scale icy heights and travel over deep snow.

M864: Though modified for cold-weather operations, the M864 does not have the extreme mobility modifications of the M862.

M868: Hostile-environment variant for operations in a tropical environment. Most notable changes are a further ruggedized suspension and double application of anti-corrosion coatings.

M914: Utilitarian by nature, the M914 Recovery Transport is a rare variant designed for extraction of Warthogs that have become immobilized, and for use as a mobile repair bay.

The Hog: Civilian variant of the M12.

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