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Indulgence of Conviction

The Indulgence of Conviction was a Covenant battlecruiser that the Flood used in an attempt to infect Earth.


The Kestrel is a well-armed, high-mobility platform designed for nap-of-the earth combat operations.


Capable of leveling enemy defenses and subduing entrenched fortifications in mere seconds, the Kraken is the most powerful siege engine utilized by the Covenant.


The Mongoose is an all-terrain quad bike popular both on the civilian market and within the UNSC.


The Mantis is a heavy combat walker used by the UNSC.

Meridian 5-Alpha

Once a proud symbol of human colonization, the ship is now a bastion of reclamation.

ONI Prowler

ONI Prowlers are UNSC stealth spacecraft used for strategic reconnaissance, surreptitious transport of high-value individuals, and covert observation.

ONI Acrisius

Stowed aboard Argent Moon, the Acrisius was the classified site’s safety valve, a final means of escape in the event that any high profile ONI assets were threatened.


The Pelican dropship is the UNSC’s most recognizable troop and materiel transport and is a common sight on every human colony.


Compact, nimble, and bristling with firepower, the Phaeton gunship provides air support for Promethean forces.


The Phantom is a large, twin-engine combat dropship used by both the Covenant and Swords of Sanghelios.


The Revenant a lightly armored infantry support vehicle designed to fill the gap between the Ghost’s maneuverability and the Wraith’s firepower.


The Scorpion is the UNSC’s main battle tank, with an extraordinary track record of success across dozens of planets and hundreds of battlefields.

Shadow of Intent

Shadow of Intent is a Covenant assault carrier and flagship of Rtas ‘Vadum's Fleet of Retribution.

Song of Retribution

Song of Retribution is an assault carrier that operates as the leading flagship of Jul ‘Mdama’s resurrected Covenant.

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