Active Camouflage

Active Camouflage

Active Camouflage

T-3 Refraction Dissonance Modifier/Camouflage

Merchants of Qikost
Armor Optimization
2.5in (6.3cm)
12.1in (30.6cm)
4.4in (11.3cm)


Active Camouflage is a refraction dissonance modifier that can bend light around the surface of an individual or structure. It was deemed an essential alien technology early on during the Human-Covenant War, and extensively researched by ONI. Over the course of the conflict, it was wielded impressively by many Sangheili—usually those found in Special Operations or Zealot classes. However, ONI’s breakthroughs here have led to ad hoc compatibility with particular armor and BDU types, the most prominent and notable being that of Mjolnir, as worn by Spartans. When Active Camouflage is equipped, a soldier can effectively pass through an area undetectable save for a slight refractive shimmer while mobile.


The Sangheili and the San’Shyuum experimented with various active camouflage systems even before the Writ of Union pooled their knowledge of sensor masking and optical camouflage techniques. While active camo devices eventually incorporated some reverse engineering of Forerunner technology, Covenant devices represent a distinct branch of “baffler” systems.

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