Brute Shot

Brute Shot

Brute Shot

T-25 Grenade Launcher

Sacred Promissory
Firing Mode:
T-25 Exotic/High-Explosive Antipersonnel Grenade
Magazine Capacity:
4-6 Grenades
71.3in (181.1cm)
6.7in (17.7cm)
22.6in (57.3cm)
42lbs (19kg)


The Type-25 Grenade Launcher is a Brute-crafted semi-automatic ballistic launcher capable of firing up to six fragmentation rounds at a target. Against unshielded infantry, the Brute Shot is extremely effective, and while it can’t generally destroy a vehicle upon impact, it can knock one over, making its now unprotected passengers vulnerable.


Brute Shot grenades are effective, but crude, limiting it to a largely antipersonnel role. If the grenade’s explosive filler were properly shaped and fused it would be considerably more potent.


There are two recorded Brute Shot models. Both are fitted with a vicious stock-mounted blade and share many components. It is unclear if the Jiralhanae themselves made any distinction between the two types or simply used whichever was at hand.

T-25 Grenade Launcher: The standard T-25 is belt-fed with four grenades. These grenades are primed on impact, allowing them to be richocheted off angled surfaces.

T-25B Grenade Launcher: This variant, a simplified model better suited for mass production, can hold six grenades in an internal magazine. It was issued with cheaply-made grenades that explode on impact.

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