M343A2 Minigun

Misriah Armory
Firing Mode:
M255 12.7x99mm HVE


Successor to the famous M41 and M46 weapon systems (and inheriting their misleading "Chaingun" moniker), the M343A2 is an electrically driven, five-barreled Gatling-style machine gun which fires the UNSC-standard 12.7x99mm round. M343A2's are installed on a pneumatic full-rotation turret as the primary armament of M12B Warthogs, and are also available in a semi-portable tripod configuration for site defense. The M343A2 is compatible with all UNSC-standard heavy weapon mounts.

Lethality is roughly similar to the older gun units, and it will still overheat after periods of sustained fire, though barrel wear is substantially reduced. The M343A2 is also designed to use the latest polymer-cased and energetic propellant rounds; however, UNSC units have been ordered to deplete existing stocks of older ammunition before making the transition.

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