Gauss Cannon

Gauss Cannon

Gauss Cannon

M555 Electromagnetic Launcher

Misriah Armory
Firing Mode:
M485 25x130mm HV/FTHPP


Utilizing a hybrid of established coilgun technologies and Covenant-derived pulsed power systems, the M555 Gauss Cannon (formerly known as the X555 Electromagnetic Launcher Advanced Technologies Testbed) is a result of years of research to incorporate alien materials and reverse-engineered components with existing manufacturing facilities in a cost-effective and minimally disruptive manner. Though implementation of the new asynchronous linear-induction motors and rail channels has proven itself in testing, and development costs has stayed within budget, the new weapon it is not without its detractors, particularly given the small improvement in armor penetration between the M555 and existing inventory of M68 Gauss Cannons. Misriah Armory promises that up-scaled versions of the new coilguns suitable for installation on armored vehicles and aerospace vehicles will conclusively prove the value of moving to a new architecture.


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