Hydra Launcher

Hydra Launcher

Hydra Launcher

MLRS-1 Hydra Gyroc Launcher

Chalybs Defense Solutions
Firing Mode:
Semi-Automatic, Revolving Cylinder
Gyroc Rockets
Magazine Capacity:
6 Rockets
36in (91.44cm)
5.6in (14.3cm)
15.1in (38.4cm)
24.3lbs (11kg)


Recently added to the UNSC’s arsenal, the MLRS-1 Hydra Gyroc Launcher is the result of decades of development in refining micro-missile technology to create a highly versatile guided missile launcher that can not only operate in a variety of environmental contexts, but also be used against both infantry and vehicle targets.


The Hydra is designed to be as easy to operate as a conventional rifle, albeit one that fires gyroscopically stabilized HEAB (High-Explosive Air Bursting) rockets from a six-chamber, rotating cylinder. Highly effective in both close-quarters combat and medium-range engagements, the Hydra can be used in a direct-fire mode though it is most deadly when using a real-time VISR connection to lock-on and guide missiles to the target. The Hydra’s elegant semi-automatic targeting and tracking system allows the user to target not only individual infantry, but even distinct parts of enemy vehicles to effect a clean and efficient kill.


Though it has yet to see widespread use outside of the elite Spartan branch, the Hydra has proven itself in a number of combat roles, including close-quarters infantry engagements, urban pacification, and even ship boarding maneuvers.


Two notable variants exist of the standard Hydra Launcher, upgraded by The Watershed Division engineers:

Typhon: Improves recoil, warhead damage, and reloading speed.

Echidna: Utilizes experimental non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) warheads.

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