Missile Launcher

Missile Launcher

Missile Launcher

M80B Multiple Launch Rocket System

Misriah Armory
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Initially deployed exclusively to elite UNICOM units assigned to Earth, the M80B is one of a new generation of weapon systems that have begun to replace Covenant War-era designs in UNSC service. Relatively light and self-contained, the M80B can be fitted to any vehicle or structure compatible with the M79 MLRS.

The M80B consists of three modules: a central fire control system with integral sensor package and two detachable launcher pods with three ammo cells each. Each cell features an internal reloading mechanism and anti-blast safety features to mitigate injury to the user in the event of damage to the rockets contained within. The current M80B improves on the M80 by adding additional Smart Link functionality and datalinks, including the latest specialized protocols used by ONI and NAVSPECWAR.

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