Needle Rifle

Needle Rifle

Needle Rifle

Type-31 Needle Rifle

Sacred Promissory (Former), Maeleesh Bazaar (Current)
Firing Mode:
Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Crystalline Shards
Magazine Capacity:
21 shards
49.9 In (126.7 Cm)
9.5in (24.1cm)
14.7in (37.4cm)
17.3lbs (7.9kg)


The Needle Rifle is a deadly mid-ranged firearm equipped with an electronic sighting system. It shares some operational functionality with the Type-33 Needler, utilizing the same crystalline ammunition. In both platforms, ominous spikes of the pink crystalline ammunition protrude from the weapon’s stock. When fired, crystalline shards snap off into individual charged projectiles which are launched linearly at the intended target. If grouped together in proximity to an unshielded target, the shards detonate, causing an immediate and violent explosion. The raw material used for the crystalline ammunition is mined from Suban, one of the two moons of Sanghelios.

Not only does the needle rifle outsize the standard needler, but the former’s ability to function as both an automatic and semi-automatic firearm gives it greater versatility in combat. In many respects, the Type-31 Needle Rifle shares overlapping roles with the Type-51 Carbine, though both are equally deadly as marksman weapons.

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