Plasma Caster

Plasma Caster

Plasma Caster

T-53 Plasma Bolt Launcher

Merchants Of Qikost
First Observed:
Firing Mode:
20mm Plasma Scatter Rounds
Magazine Capacity:
5 Rounds


The Plasma Caster is a versatile Covenant munitions launcher designed for frontline infantry and shock trooper roles. The weapon can fire up to five explosive rounds in quick succession, or fire a single charged round at a greater distance which adheres to a surface before detonating, releasing additional explosives to pepper the immediate area. The weapon’s relatively clean area of effect allows it to be used surgically in the hands of a proficient user, though at range its slower projectile velocity requires more skill to wield effectively. The purpose of the Plasma Caster is to soften and break up enemy lines and entrenched positions, especially those augmented by stationary weapons.


Slightly resembling the Merchants of Qikost’s Concussion Rifle in shape and overall functionality, the Plasma Caster is an elegant refinement and diversification of that technology. The Plasma Caster has an extended and pronounced stock, a low-set magazine for ease-of-access, and an accentuated muzzle which remains closed unless the user charges the chambered round, upon which the barrel splays open before launching the charged bolt. After firing a charged bolt, the weapon enters an automatic cool down mode which lasts only seconds.


Produced by the Covenant for nearly a century, the Plasma Caster, however, was only encountered prominently in the Sangheili civil conflicts which arose after the war. Designed by the chief merchant guild on the moon of Qikost, this weapon has undergone very few change since its inception. Nevertheless, local clans have been known to introduce ad hoc modifications to improve in-field functionality, such as Scourge of Fire (with twin-bolt capability and no cool down needed) and the White Scar (using hybrid ammunition with characteristics similar to the Needler’s crystalline shards).

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