Prophets’ Bane

Prophets’ Bane

Prophets’ Bane

Sword of the Arbiter

Unknown/’Vadam Keep
Ancient Name:
End of Night
Shaped Plasma


Sangheili stories of war and righteous slaughter rarely mention the hero’s panoply, for such mundane details are beneath the notice of clan historians and tale-weavers. Particularly in the Covenant era, where Sangheili were fitted with mass-produced armor and weapons built in the labyrinthine assembly forges of High Charity, the particulars of the weapons carried and their history were not worthy of attention or reflection. Those few items which reflect the glory of their user are rare indeed; weapons and armor which come to be recognized as more than tools – as possessing the heart of a warrior, however small – are highly treasured and stored away, a reservoir of glory and honor that can be redeemed in times of great need. The Arbiter’s chosen blade is one such artifact, an ancient blade taken from his clan’s vaults and given new life, new purpose, and new foes to slay.

The old name of the blade was told in stories and song dating to before the Writ of Union, but the Arbiter took the unusual step of reforging the weapon, preserving its honor and history but changing its destiny. While the weapon was repaired and regrown in the traditional manner in his clan’s forge, the Arbiter insisted on incorporating components of the energy sword that took the lifeblood of the Prophet of Truth on the Ark.

Sangheili relic weapons are never named by their wielder: they must acquire an identity from fearful whispers and roaring shouts. But it was not long before the Arbiter’s blade was known across Sangheili space as an instrument of change and self-determination – a true inheritor of the original Swords of Sanghelios. And so it is that Thel ‘Vadam who bears the titles of Kaidon, Arbiter, Supreme Commander, Judge, Traitor, and Leader, wields the Prophets’ Bane, and soon - perhaps - the Covenant’s End.

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