Pulse Grenade

Pulse Grenade

Pulse Grenade

Z-040 Attenuation Field Generator /Localized

Unknown/Forerunner Origin
Firing Mode:
Ionization Pulse
5.6in (14.2cm)
5.6in (14.2cm)
5.6in (14.2cm)
1.4lbs (0.6kg)


The Z-040 Pulse Grenade and all adjacent attenuation technologies were employed by Forerunners for the purpose of cauterizing enemy-held sites such as the vast Flood strongholds composed of resilient FSC (Flood Super Cell) accretions, which would eventually develop into a Gravemind and become truly lethal.. Practically speaking, the Pulse Grenade is a field-generating explosive that can actively damage any targets that persist within its ionization radius, before violently collapsing and disintegrating nearly all organic material types within its sphere.

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