Splinter Cannon

Splinter Cannon

Splinter Cannon

Z-520 Encounter-Mitigation System

Unknown/Forerunner Origin
Firing Mode:
Light Mass


Used by Forerunner forces serving in Builder Security during the darkest days of the Flood conflict, the Z-520 Splinter Cannon fires unstable light mass projectiles that break apart on impact, releasing reactive fragments that devastate massed Infection Forms. Seemingly designed for use in quick-reaction and expeditionary military strikes, the Splinter Cannon can either be physically moved to a site by Soldier constructs or instantly called in to reinforce a position by use of a translocation beacon. UNSC forces have only encountered the weapon paired with a generator pedestal, but it is possible there are vehicle-mounted configurations.

Absent from the Promethean inventory on Requiem for reasons that are now unknowable, the Splinter Cannon is one of many long-lost implements of destruction that Cortana has reclaimed from the Forerunner archives on Genesis.

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