Splinter Grenade

Splinter Grenade

Splinter Grenade

Z-400 Pursuit Disruption Grid Generator

Unknown/Forerunner Origin
Firing Mode:
Ionization Pulse
5.6in (14.2cm)
5.6in (14.2cm)
5.6in (14.2cm)
1.4lbs (0.6kg)


The Splinter Grenade is a multi-purpose device that can be used both offensively and defensively. After activating, the Splinter Grenade splits and forms into an ionized lattice death cloud that damages anything it touches, making it useful for closing off approach routes and punishing unwary pursuers. The ionized lattice also exhibits an EMP effect against vehicles that collide with it. Reports of a proximity fuse and airburst functionality with some Splinter Grenades are being investigated by ONI.


Though it has a separate UNSC designation, the Splinter Grenade appears to be one of many programmable settings for a general-purpose Forerunner weapon-device earlier referred to as the Z-040 Pulse Grenade. It remains unclear who or what unlocked the devices new functionality; presumably, Promethean forces began to employ the Splinter Grenade versus Pulse Grenade mode once it was clear that Flood infestation was not an immediate tactical concern. UNSC analysis has not yet unlocked the mechanism for changing the grenade’s mode or discerned its other hidden functionality.

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