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Spartan Companies

  1. Spartan Company Emblem


    100/100 Members
    Est. 2015/11/02

    Welcome to Orion Project

    We are ultimately aiming to unlock the achillies helmet and are currently at 82%

    No free rides for Achilles
    Inactive players will be removed and new players added weekly so send a request and you will be on the list to join.
    Must be active on waypoint at least once a week.

    We need everyone and anyone that still actively plays halo 5 to join up to help us knock the last few commendations out.

    We are a social company and enjoy having fun but can turn up the sweat when we have to.

    If you are wondering what you can do to help, look at the kill commendations.

    joining the discord server is optional but highly recommended!

    If you have any questions you can talk to:

    • Argolight (leader)
    • Thatpersian (lieutenant)
    • Phantasm7302(lieutenant)

  2. Spartan Company Emblem


    74/100 Members
    Est. 2019/11/30

    Champs only.

    Bluicc - Twitch
    Cozeine - Twitch
    Dctermined - Twitch
    Figse - Twitch
    Heil Yama - Twitch
    Jiygsaw - Twitch
    Ligh1s - Youtube
    GOT SILK - Twitch
    Monks AL - Twitch
    Nyrzel - Twitch
    Omniiiz - Twitch
    Pirfuled - YouTube
    Plazm - Twitch
    Tetrafy - Twitch
    Thegodkm - Twitch | Soundcloud
    Upsetts - Twitch | YouTube
    Zofoa - Twitch

    Upsetts - Twitter
    Figse - Twitter
    Ligh1s - Twitter
    Drcgo - Twitter
    Bluicc - Twitter
    Just Saxon - Twitter
    Jiygsaw - Twitter
    Cozeine - Twitter
    Corsucate - Twitter
    Permission - Twitter
    Zofoa- Twitter
    Etcrnity - Instagram
    Spartanatic - Instagram
    Monks AL -Instagram

    Check out our social media’s!
    Official Instagram
    Join our discord today!

  3. Spartan Company Emblem


    98/100 Members
    Est. 2020/08/08

    "Alone, we can weather any storm. Together, we are the storm." -Avalon Kros.

    💀Deep within the archives of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) is a file. This heavily redacted file is a list of names, blacked out, and cast into rumor. The names were that of ONI's boogeymen. A hyper-lethal Company of Spartans, who's lethality was derived from their sheer force of will. They never failed, and would return from their missions with their enemy's skulls as proof of victory.
    The founding members have been forgotten. Their deeds and sacrifices for the good of humanity cast into shadow, never to be found escaping the lips of a Section Three suit. Regardless, a new generation of Spartan has taken up their mantel. Always hunting. For we are that Company. We are the Skull Spartans.

    💀Our Company focuses on obtaining greatness through commendation completion, gaining experience regarding Spartan Rank, achievement hunting, and teaming up to vanquish our foes both in Campaign and match-making alike. We are all different skill levels, from noob to SR152. From, "What the heck is a Needler?" To, "How much CSR did I get from that match?" If we work together, we can achieve the Achilles Gear and beyond. Members are not required to change their gamertag, emblem, Spartan armor, or color. Be yourself. If you are interested in joining the "Skull-hunt" message Captain Avalon Kros and apply. Be warned, if you apply with the generic application, you will not be accepted. We want to know you, and of your intentions for becoming a Skull Spartan. Join us and seek a death worth living for.

    ⚔Trial of Achilles⚔
    42% Completion.
    Armor: 77/155
    Helmet: 14/62

    💀Company Policies💀

    •Members are required to play Fifteen matches of HALO 5 a month. These matches can be done in any game type besides Infection and Custom Games. The time frame shall run from the 1st of a month to the 1st of the next. Failure to meet this requirement will result in immediate termination from the Company. If something happens that denies a member the ability to play, such as life events, or technical issues, message the Company Commander or Captain. We understand that some things cannot be avoided.
    Members may still play the Infection and Custom gamemodes as long as they meet the requirement listed above.
    •On the first Friday of every month, Administration will hold a company meeting at 8pm eastern standard time via Xbox Live comms. Administration members are required to be present. Members are not required, but are invited. Members are also encouraged to be heard. If you have a problem or idea in regards to Company matters, let it be known. If any member of admin cannot be present that day, notify the Company Captain.
    •Members shall be respectful to fellow Skull Spartans on all platforms. If there is a problem, message a member of Administration as soon as possible.

    💀Ranking Structure/Administrative Duties💀

    Captain- Avalon Kros
    -In charge of Company Membership and overall Command.
    Commander- Perfectum88
    -In charge of Company Membership, Lt. Commander duties, and Squadrons.
    Lt. Commander- PompousHero
    Lt. Commander-Le Star X
    -In charge of Lieutenant duties, and quality control.
    Lieutenant- IV NOBLE VI
    Lieutenant- BombadJedi87
    Lieutenant- Lord Ch1cken
    Lieutenant- Regicideloke
    Lieutenant- DANI SPARTAN14
    Lieutenant-BigPapa Bois
    -In charge of Company Policy enforcement.

    💀Please join our Discord Server(s). This is a great tool where you can see who's online playing and when they're playing, as well as find and coordinate with other active players. There you can also join fireteams to play with, generally communicate and discuss plans, and ask any questions you may have.

    Skull Spartans Official Discord
    Halo Community Discord
    Skull Spartans Official: Pending recruitment.
    *Note* If you lose your membership you will also lose access to the Company DISCORD.

    💀Last updated 04/11/2021💀

  4. Spartan Company Emblem


    30/100 Members
    Est. 2021/02/14


  5. Spartan Company Emblem


    98/100 Members
    Est. 2015/10/19


    aPG - Twitch | Twitter
    Bound - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Brainstrm - Twitch | Twitter
    bubu dubu - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Cherished - Twitch | Twitter
    CommandStation - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Demonsiu - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Druk RN - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Eco - Twitch | Twitter
    Falcated - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    GoldStarBr - Twitch | Twitter
    Goozy - Twitch | Twitter
    Gunnplexion - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Guntype - Twitch | Twitter
    iTz So Frosty - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Jimbo - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    JKvii - Twitch | Twitter
    KIMBQ - Twitch | Twitter
    King Nicck - Twitch | Twitter
    Magico - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Minds - Twitch | Twitter
    Monza - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    MooshWRLD - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Munoz - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Naded - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube

    NNeptuunE - Twitch | Twitter
    Noblc - Twitch | Twitter
    NYSea - Twitch | Twitter
    Respectful - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Sab - Twitch | Twitter
    Shotzzy - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    slgslg31 - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Slim Haley - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Snipedrone - Twitch | Twitter
    Soul Snipe - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Spartan - Twitch | Twitter
    Stresss - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Taulek - Twitch | Twitter
    TriPPPeY - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    Trunks JL - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    tuf0xy - Twitch | Twitter
    Tylenul - Twitch | Twitter | YouTube
    uegjragn - Twitch | Twitter
    zMannny - Twitch | Twitter

  6. Spartan Company Emblem

    DTE World

    98/100 Members
    Est. 2016/08/20

    Bienvenidos a DTE WORLD
    "Dioses De Todo el Mundo"

    Nuestra historia se fomenta a la creación de un equipo conformado por puros jugadores de diversos rangos y habilidades, para asi superar la expectativa enemiga, también con el único objetivo de conseguir la armadura Achilles y hacer crecer la comunidad.
    DTE World es el equipo correcto para luchar, donde la unión hace la fuerza.
    Manejamos un Grupo de WhatsApp y de Facebook llamado "DTE WORLD GAMING"

    -Tener Halo 5 Guardianes.
    -Ser activo mínimo una vez semanalmente.
    -Tener comunicación con el grupo y ser consiente de toda la información relacionada a la compañía (WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Xbox/ Halo Waypoint)
    -Respetar y ser tolerante con todos los compañeros de tu compañía.
    -Seguir las reglas.
    -Tener la(s) membresías que te dejen jugar multijugador (Gold/ Game Pass/ Ultimate).
    -Tener Micrófono (opcional).
    -Hablar español.

    -Mantener tu etiqueta de compañía que se te otorgara, es obligatoria, sino se cuenta con esta no se contara para nada tu avance en la compañía y/o te quedas sin ella por largo tiempo serás expulsado. Sirve para administrar a cada jugador. La etiqueta se te da cuando entres. (Ejemplo: DW??)
    -Respetar a tus compañeros, ejerce tus valores, no trates a los demás como no quieras ser tratado. Tanto cuando juegues o cuando estés interactuando en un grupo (Nada de maldiciones, imágenes obscenas, pornográficas, violentas, etc).
    -Nada de Spam de otras compañía.
    -No se acepta la traición o espías en la compañía.
    -Tener algún medio por donde comunicarte con nosotros.

    Exclusivos de la Compañía:
    -Manejamos una administración muy detallada y especifica donde se ve el rendimiento semanal de cada integrante, lo cual por ese esfuerzo se le dará rangos donde se vera ese trabajo en la compañía semanalmente, donde se puede ganar premios.
    -Los torneos que hacemos son por algunos tiempos, donde todos pueden participar, dependiendo claro, son 4 tipos de torneos, individuales, dúos, tríos y cuartetos, el o los ganadores serán parte del salón de fama de la compañía y solo habrá un ganador absoluto para pertenecer a un equipo perfecto que serviría para representarnos en torneos más oficiales y puedas ganar premios.
    -Manejamos muchas listas donde esta específicamente cada jugador, su etiqueta, si es activo, si tiene alguna falta (3 faltas y estas fuera), o si es digno de un rango, lo cual ayuda a que sea consiente de su actividad y más.

    ADMINISTRADOR: +52 8111899349 (WhatsApp)

  7. Spartan Company Emblem


    40/100 Members
    Est. 2018/06/06

    Crunchy • Twitch | Twitter | Instagram
    Defined • Twitch | Twitter | Instagram

    Support Our Members!
    Cratos • Twitch | Twitter
    Content Browser • Twitch
    Danoxide • Twitch | Twitter
    El town • Twitch | Twitter
    Frager • Twitch | Twitter
    Harzzo • Twitch | Twitter
    Intragravity • Twitch | Twitter
    Lifestyle • Twitch
    Pinexal • Twitch | Twitter
    Pyrettic • Twitch | Twitter
    Quadios • Twitter
    Randa • Twitch | Twitter
    Rayne • Twitch | Twitter
    Royal 2 • Twitch | Twitter
    Strafy • Twitch | Twitter
    Str8 Sick • Twitch | Twitter | Montage
    Suspector • Twitch | Twitter
    Trying • Twitch | Twitter
    Vemzii • Twitch | Twitter
    Zeucifer • Twitch | Twitter

  8. Spartan Company Emblem


    16/100 Members
    Est. 2021/03/20


    Skurtailty: Instagram/twitch/Youtube
    L SuniiX: Youtube
    Stee1Teck: Twitch/Youtube
    Danizzy EU: Youtube/Twitch/Twitter

  9. Spartan Company Emblem

    The Authority

    99/100 Members
    Est. 2016/04/12

    We are the Authority, all active/english speaking players welcome! Lets get Achilles before Infinite drops! We have a good mix of players who play a variety of game modes. All steadily working towards Achilles, we need mostly vehicle/warzone commendations!

    We require weekly playing to stay in the company (minimum 2 WZ game AND 10 Arena per week, or 10 WZ, 2 Arena). Please use the discord if you want to get a team together! Joining the discord is also a requirement once you have been accepted, if you do not join, you will be removed. Nickname in discord must also include gamer tag. When you apply, please acknowledge you have read this in the application! Thanks!

    DM Flypside for invite to the Discord server once/if you have been accepted into the company!

    Currently going for Achilles Armor! 25/31

  10. Spartan Company Emblem

    I Resistance I

    52/100 Members
    Est. 2020/07/25

    All new recruits need to 1v1 one of us to get in. All you need is DM me on xbox and we´ll see the details.
    No toxic / racist / smurf account players.
    Good luck.

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