1. For FPS I use mouse and keyboard, for racing, fighting and simulations I use ps4 controller. So I'll probably be using keyboard and mouse. Or maybe my razer tartarus and mouse. =)

  2. My biggest excitement is the weapons, reload time, weapon switch time and other mechanics that go with the weapon. I'm really excited!

  3. Be in the credits

    Halo Insider - Publicado por MegaNeros el

    I think this would be cool! If our contributions were great enough I would expect nothing less of the devs. :)

  4. Halo Insider Bonuses?

    Halo Insider - Publicado por MegaNeros el

    I agree with some of the people above. The best reward is making the game better! =D

  5. Soon is such a weird word, because it could mean. In the next few days, next few weeks or next few months. My hope it is the next few weeks. :)