1. unable to find games in ranked with more than 3 players. 3 players is an instant game and 4 players we have waited over 45 minutes and have yet to find a game.

  2. . This is BS the grunt goblin ins to OP. What a waste of a hannibal scorpian. WTF 343 can i get some of my reqs back from this BS. i have a few more but like why? he one shoots the most powerful vehicle...

  3. dude not only that but it seams way easyer to destroy now

  4. BR needs a Nerf

    Halo 5: Guardians - Publié par a254178u le .

    We might as well nerf the sniper next. One shot in the head to kill? Way too OP. It can basically kill from far away. No skill required. It should be three headshots to kill. you just made my day this is halarious