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    The Master Chief returns in the next chapter of the legendary franchise in “Halo Infinite.” Developed by 343 Industries and created with the studio’s new Slipspace Engine, “Halo Infinite” debuted at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing with a thrilling engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the Halo franchise that leads it into ...

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    *Contenu numérique fourni sur une seule carte incluse dans le pack. Le lot Réquisitions Zone de combat (comprend 14 packs de réquisition premium, avec 2 nouveaux packs disponibles chaque semaine) nécessite le jeu Halo 5: Guardians, un Abonnement Xbox Live Gold (vendu séparément) et un accès Internet haut débit ; des frais de connexion s ...

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  1. As someone who participated in the Xbox flight (which showed off a work-in-progress version of the progression system), I can tell you that the progression system in MCC will be quite similar to the one in the original Halo: Reach game.

  2. Unsc Ship Durability

    Halo Universe - Publié par Killer Orca le .

    MACs just kind of wreck EVERYTHING really. How's that saying go? Sir Issac Newton is the meanest mother in space? ME:2, nice. It has, and always will, fit Halo IMO

  3. There should be a Double XP Playlist every Month until the launch of Infinite! They've done you one better. There's a double XP playlist every other week.

  4. For now let's keep things to the thread linked above, to help 343 keep track of any potential issues

  5. It never ceases to amaze me the mental gymnastics people go through try to frame "focusing on what made you popular in the first place" as somehow being the riskier option compared to trying to muscle in on a heavily saturated market like BR...

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Compagnies de Spartans

  1. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    Legendary Achilles X

    94/100 membres
    Création : 2019-06-29


    IF YOU DO NOT PLAY WARZONE DO NOT APPLY (Firefight does not count)

    We are looking for elite Warzone players! If you are great at Warzone and want to join a company where you can team up and dominate please apply! State that you are a strong Warzone player in your join request! Legendary Achilles X is meant to be competitive company and we are looking for the best.


    1. Have at least 200 warzone games played
    2. Have a desire to join WZ fireteams, have fun AND win
    3. Join our Discord server. We discharge weekly anyone not on discord. The link can be found here and only works for LAX members.
    4. Must be active on Halo 5
    5. Must have a minimum CSR of Diamond 1
    6. Must have a positive arena and WZ kd
    7. Respect all members of our community
    Please note that although we require warzone play, you are allowed to play other modes at your own pleasure.

    We have over 500 active members in our discord server, which allows you to form teams and chat with all of the players in the Legendary Achilles community. We also have a bot that tracks your stats and company progress.

  2. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans


    89/100 membres
    Création : 2015-10-19

    Men create Gods in their own image.

    Gods of Creation:

  3. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    Legendary Achilles IX

    84/100 membres
    Création : 2019-07-12

    1. ————Welcome, Spartans—————
    Do you NEED Achilles?! Well if you do, look no further! Joining LAIX is joining the Legendary Achilles community! We are a non-toxic Halo loving group of like minded people that have one thing in common.... Halo!
    We are a very diverse group, so chances are there are Spartans here who like playing the same modes you do, at the same times you do. Unless you play customs, if you do see Rule #4 before you read #1.
    Grind started 7/16/19
    Last updated: 10/19/19
    Armor: completed 10/16/19
    helmet: 45.82%

    1. You must join our Discord server within 72 hours of being accepted. Important announcements, weekly messages, and updates will be posted in our group chat. It is also vital that you see our commendation list. Discord is free to use and download on all platforms. If you do not join the discord within 72 hours of being accepted in the company, you will be kicked from the company. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.
    The discord link can be found in our private company forums (link only works for LAIX members).
    2. Respect leadership. There should be no need to expand further on this rule. Leadership has been chosen and approved by past Legendary Achilles leaders.
    3.) Members must put in 300 minutes of ARENA/WARZONE/15% TOTAL COMMS WEEKLY! - If you do not believe you can achieve this due to vacation, exams, holidays, etc. you need to message leadership.
    Boss nu66ets - IX LEAD
    B3b3t0 - IX LT
    SRP Singleton - IX LT
    Killersoda24 - IX LT

    NOTE: If you message leadership about being absent and unable to meet minimums in your first two weeks, you will be discharged. We will not hold a spot for someone who has yet to prove their worth.

    4. You are only allowed 60 minutes of customs/FF! - IF you go over this time limit you will be discharged. This is your only warning
    5.) Keep up to date on your comms! to check your progress in discord, go to "public-bot-testing" and type in "!c" to see your specific % on each listed comm. To check the companies progress type in "!p 62" to see our progress. if you have any questions please reach out to leadership.

    ❗️NOTE❗️ When you enter the #reception room on Discord, make sure you change your Discord user name to your gamertag and comment “Here to join LAIX” or something mentioning LAIX. You will not sit at the door for longer than 12 hours. Boss nu66ets, killersoda24, IL Crimson II, B3b3t0, & SRP Singleton are on Discord most of the day (across USA time zones). We will get you into the chat rooms as soon as we can!

  4. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    The Last Cadets

    86/100 membres
    Création : 2015-10-19

    Successfully earned the full Achilles armor set.

    The last remaining survivors from the attack on the Corbulo Academy of Military Science. More of us survived than you thought...

  5. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    Combat Evolved Gaming

    95/100 membres
    Création : 2018-01-03

    Looking for serious players to be active and PLAY WARZONE to help grind out the remaining commendations. REQUESTING TO JOIN WITH THE DEFAULT MESSAGE OR NOT EVEN TRYING TO PERSUADE US INTO LETTING YOU IN IS GOING TO GREATLY LOWER YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING IN. Let us know what kind of player you are and how you're willing to help and together we will have Achilles in no time.
    JOIN DISCORD SERVER HERE :https://discord.gg/mnQYvvn

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