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  1. I'm just sick of playing Slayer in Team Arena. It should be objective-based games only. Slayer has it's own playlist. Team Arena is the only playlist available for 4v4 Strongholds. And the only other playlist that offers any kind of...

  2. You'll find a lot of people looking to get it in Recruiting.

  3. I've seen the Ultra at Outpost. I'd curl up and wait for the end, I knew Elites were big but until you see a full sized one... you have no chance. Still fightable? Do you think they run fast as well? Not a chance if it's just you and a gun...

  4. UNSC

    Halo 5: Guardians - Publié par SSJGodGregorios le .


  5. I hope a lot of the mechanics in Halo 4/5 get a bullet or two. Oh, you mean characters. I hope Palmer gets what's coming to her. Oh, you mean you want a serious answer. Then, the loser who yelled at Master Chief on the Infinity. Get him...

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Compagnies de Spartans

  1. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    River of Styx

    99/100 membres
    Création : 2018-07-27

    The River of Styx

    Legend tells the story of Achilles; a peerless Hero of the Trojan War. His greatness originated from the River of Styx. Upon his birth, Achilles was submerged into the depths of the River and gifted invincibility; save his ankle, by which he was held by his mother. Achilles' fabled armor was also dipped into this Horrible River, adding to his unmatched strength in battle.

    The River of Styx is one of the five rivers that encompass the Underworld of Hades. The Gods swore their Oaths by this River, and had to adhere to the river's will once these Oaths were made. If such an Oath were broken, the offending God was made to drink from the foul river thus losing his voice for nine years. This power over the Gods was gifted to Styx, the Goddess of this sinister realm, by Zeus himself for her assistance in the Titan War.

    Take heed to this warning, as it is the only one you will be given.


    • Achilles HELMET!!
    • Meet new players from all over the world
    • Friendship and Gamesmanship
    • Make The River of Styx one of the best SC’s around
    • Improve player skill levels, and compete in ranked arena playlists
    • Activity on Halo 5, being inactive for 10 consecutive days will result in being booted, however if you know ahead of time that you're going to be inactive for longer than 5 days please post in the Leave of Absence section on Discord to protect yourself. If you are in fact booted for inactivity, then when you become active again, request to join back.
    • Respect and Integrity to all players
    • JOIN OUR DISCORD (you will receive an invite via Waypoint) The invite will expire within 24hrs so please be prompt in accepting it. It is required that you join discord because that is our main line of communication within the company for events, current commendations we are focusing on, and other important company information.
    • Play only VERY minimal amounts of: Super Fiesta, Infection, and especially Firefight and Customs. Too much activity in these playlists will potentially result in being discharged from the company. A good rule of thumb is to have already have played up to 8 hours worth of meaningful matchmaking gametypes before setting foot into the gametypes that do not help the company. And at that point, only 2 hours of Fiesta/Infection/Firefight/Customs will be allowed per every 8 hours worth of Company related gametypes.
    Current Member List:

    - FOUNDER: ExodusStyx
    - FOUNDER: GlacierJax

    - CEO: iviUi2D3i2
    - COO: GoGoGadgetHero

    Hydra Squad

    LT: APsychoGoddess

    Nyx Squad


    Cerberus Squad

    LT: Keeli101

    Charon Squad

    LT: I QBUS I

    Thanatos Squad

    COO StonedRipper82

  2. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    Legendary Achilles IX

    25/100 membres
    Création : 2019-07-12

    ————Welcome, Spartans—————
    This LA Company is a full Achilles grind Company. If you have not obtained the armor/helmet please feel free to apply! We would prefer if you were a platinum 1 or higher, however all Applications will be considered at this time.

    1. You must join our Discord server. Important announcements, weekly messages, and updates will be posted in our group chat. It is also vital that you see our commendation list. Discord is free to use and download on all platforms. If you do not join the discord within 72 hours of being accepted in the company, you will be discharged, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. The discord link can be found in our private company forums (link only works for LAIX members).
    2. Respect leadership. There should be no need to expand further on this rule. Leadership has been chosen and approved by past Legendary Achilles leaders.
    3. Members must put in 300 minutes a WEEK minimum. This is the bare minimum you can do to make a dent in your comms. (Time In Firefight and Custom Games will not be counted towards this time). If you do not believe you can achieve this due to vacation, exams, holidays, etc. you need to message BossNu66ets, Killersoda24, or TDB Crimson, as soon as possible. Failure to do this may result in your discharge.
    4. Keep up to date on your comms! to check your progress in discord, go to "public-bot-testing" and type in "!c" to see your specific % on each listed comm. To check the companies progress type in "!p 62" to see our progress. if you have any questions please reach out to leadership.

    ❗️NOTE❗️ When you enter the #reception room on Discord, make sure you change your Discord user name to your gamertag and comment “Here to join LAIX” or something mentioning LAIX. You will not sit at the door for longer than 12 hours. Boss nu66ets, killersoda24, and TDB Crimson are on Discord most of the day (across USA time zones). We will get you into the chat rooms as soon as we can!

  3. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans


    68/100 membres
    Création : 2018-08-12

    Here is the link to the Discord Servers

    For any and all competitive requests and questions, join the discord servers above and message Flamency/Ultra Banshee

    Demoralized is now the second company of Nonstop. Nonstop is for up and coming Warzone players. This company is made for Warzone players that want to grind Warzone so they can get to 152 and get that special prize in Halo Infinite. If you would like to join, check to see if you meet the requirements. Keep in mind that just because you meet the requirements does not mean that you are entitled to joining the company. Here are the requirements:

    1. Be active. Play Halo 5 at least once every 21 days.
    2. Be level 149 or higher. Any lower and the chances of you getting 152 before Infinite will take a toll on your sanity.
    3. Have over 1000 games of Warzone/Warzone Assault played, not Firefight.
    4. Don't send the default join request.
    5. Add the people below
    You must add these people as a friend on Xbox to be considered for joining:

  4. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    Kimchi Spartan

    87/100 membres
    Création : 2017-07-14

    Our goal is simple: Achilles. Any active players who are interested in earning this armor with us, do not hesitate to join.

    PLEASE NOTE: We have acquired the body armor (as of 2/27/18) and are currently working on the helm. You can not receive Achilles armor from a company that has already unlocked it.

    23/31 Commendations complete.
    - Forgot To Pay The Toll (987/1020): Level 5
    - Something On Your Face (279420/291600): Level 5
    - Standard Issue (334422/388800): Level 5
    - From The Top Rope (4165/4900): Level 5
    - Road Trip (23309/29200): Level 5
    - Too Fast For You (14186/19400): Level 5
    - Sorry Mate (22246/38900): Level 5
    - The Pain Train (4110/9700): Level 5
    (Last updated July 13th, 2019)

    - Play 10 approved games Sunday through Saturday. GAMES THAT DO NOT COUNT ARE: Warzone Firefight (Heroic, Legendary, or Mythic), Infection, Grifball, Action Sack, and ANY Custom games.
    - Prior to any absence or inability to meet weekly requirements, notify leadership here or (preferably) on the Discord server (link here). Please give dates when you expect to be absent and state why, and you will be excused within legitimate reason.
    - If you choose to join our Discord server, use your gamertag from halowaypoint.com as your name.
    - Be respectful to one another. Blatant disrespect or rudeness WILL NOT be tolerated.

    Failure to comply with these rules may result in being kicked from the company. Continuous kicks will result in bans.
    Bans can be temporary or permanent depending on the nature of the infraction.

    Any questions or concerns should be brought to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd lieutenant. (Preferably through Discord)

    Chiwawadad: Leader.
    Sir Deathsalot: 1st Lieutenant.
    XCrimson AloneX: 2nd Lieutenant.
    Castrocream117: 3rd Lieutenant.

  5. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans


    88/100 membres
    Création : 2019-03-04

    Somos " KRAKEN RENEGADOS " y nos complace tenerlo como parte de nuestra comunidad creciente. Cuando te conviertes en uno de nuestros miembros, te conviertes en parte de nuestra familia " The Corps ".

    Todas nuestras compañías se adaptan al mismo servidor así como chat de WhatsApp . Servidor de Discord: KRAKEN RENEGADOS que se utiliza para chatear, organizar torneos y establecer vínculos como equipos.

    1. Díganos por qué le gustaría ser parte de Kraken Renegados (se rechazarán los mensajes predeterminados).
    2. Respeto mutuo: miembros, líderes, etc ...
    3. Únase y participe en nuestro servidor de discord y whatsApp
    4. Se incluirán 50 infantes de marina por semana y 50 muertes con vehículos. de manera obligatoria al ser una encomienda muy tediosa y lenta
    5. Únete a nuestro lobby cada semana. (Fijaremos la fecha para cada semana a través de la discord y el grupo de WhatsApp).
    6. Ser Nivel 90 o superior. Jugadores con nivel inferior seran rechazados.

    General : Tlaloc223
    Teniente General: KISAME TSH
    Coronel: livingflame1397

    Fireteam: NOVA
    Teniente: Dimtraxsnordico
    1. DeadxExtinction
    2. IxElCatrinxI
    6. Invierno171RPR
    7. jasonedgeghost
    8. Ross A243
    10. julioenrique200

    Fireteam Skyline

    1. WkHabitante
    2. gibran233
    3. Sombra 30xyk
    4. BlisSxFul
    5. serch fr7
    6. CoyCorgi5659645
    7. Pistolita PR
    8. BluesyWeevil143
    9. AlexanderGt001
    11.ALY OIU

    Fireteam GHOST
    Teniente: XINDORAPTORX30
    1. YungCyb3rz
    3. LuisCore11
    5. DiegoKrooz
    6. NovaSparkyHD
    8. Eriolz
    9. AlanReaper1995
    10. WalkedBonsai110

    Fireteam SWAT
    Teniente: RoninCat22
    1. Pesado2023
    2. Ellectross
    3. zib14
    4. DaXOSCURO3
    5. SpringierSpring
    6. SPARTACO 10 000
    7. Nieves Uno
    8. SirLevi3K
    9. MexRami117
    10. ISRA ELITE 5513
    11.Ninja hayabusa0

    Fireteam MAJESTIC
    Teniente: BLACKJERRY90
    2. PumpkinCircle42
    3. JonhSR987
    4. Damian123521
    5. CK ReShEf xX
    6. Pocos Track3537
    7. Munoz12Galaxy52
    8. EenGndrOoPC APS
    9. SealableJewel93
    10. VoltaicMonkeyPG
    11.Lil xBOOMx

    Fireteam NOBLE
    1. EliudBA
    2. OzunaEntuCama42
    3. JEFE MAESTRO913
    4. iR0Y X MILAN
    6. skysunset
    7. PuercosoCui
    8. xXcraberninja7X
    9. Unrigs
    10. Don Guapo xD

    Equipo de fuego
    2.mata dragons g
    4.J3sus Cad3na

    6.EDUARDO 07 2F
    7.SoD D4N13L
    10.Fitfelipe 117

    "- HAIL HYDRA ! - HAIL KRAKEN ! -"

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