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Compagnies de Spartans

  1. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    Dirty Knickers

    47/100 membres
    Création : 2018-01-07

    We are the spartan company that welcomes T-bagging and some crazy fun. Anyone is welcome you can be sweaty or you could just be dry. But all in all we welcome everyone as long as you are not toxic!!

  2. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans


    37/100 membres
    Création : 2017-09-06
  3. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    Chaos Legion

    41/100 membres
    Création : 2019-07-28

    Newly founded Private Military Clan named "Chaos Legion."

    Commencement of the clan 9/7/19

  4. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans


    97/100 membres
    Création : 2018-09-17

    En MEXICAN UNITY buscamos la sana convivencia entre los jugadores así como poder ayudarnos a superarnos día con día.Nos pusimos como propósito desbloquear el conjunto de armadura y casco ACHILLES

    • Progreso para obtener la armadura es de 16% (ALL TOGETHER NOW)
    • Progreso para obtener el casco es de % (THE SUM IS GREATER THAN THE PARTS)
      Ultima Actualización: 23 Noviembre 2018
    Si eres un Spartan Activo y quieres unirte, manda una solicitud con mensaje personalizado.

  5. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    DS Esports Achilles

    9/100 membres
    Création : 2019-08-05

    if you stumble apon this Community, we are accepting new members


    contact me on discord @ DS Cam#8259

    this bio will be made properly soon

  6. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans


    9/100 membres
    Création : 2017-09-25


    Many personalities, one Goal:

  7. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    But Flesh and Faith

    80/100 membres
    Création : 2019-08-06

    But Flesh and Faith is a tight group of Halo 5 gamers. Most of us have been playing together for years. We have recently founded this Spartan Company because we wanted to build a roster of active Halo 5 players, not just a bunch of names taking up space.

    We want to gain a full roster to not only give new members a chance to get the Achilles armor but to also jump into Halo Infinite with a full crew and without a hitch.

    There is really only one rule: Play Halo. Most of us play every day/night, but we ask that you play at least once a week, but a minimum once a month (preferably nightly). If you are stagnant for a long period of time, we must make room for another active player.

    We look forward to playing with you!

  8. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans


    70/100 membres
    Création : 2018-08-12

    Here is the link to the Discord Servers

    For any and all competitive requests and questions, join the discord servers above and message Flamency/Ultra Banshee

    Demoralized is now the second company of Nonstop. Nonstop is for up and coming Warzone players. This company is made for Warzone players that want to grind Warzone so they can get to 152 and get that special prize in Halo Infinite. If you would like to join, check to see if you meet the requirements. Keep in mind that just because you meet the requirements does not mean that you are entitled to joining the company. Here are the requirements:

    1. Be active. Play Halo 5 at least once every 21 days.
    2. Be level 149 or higher. Any lower and the chances of you getting 152 before Infinite will take a toll on your sanity.
    3. Have over 1000 games of Warzone/Warzone Assault played, not Firefight.
    4. Don't send the default join request.
    5. Add the people below
    You must add these people as a friend on Xbox to be considered for joining:

  9. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    Champions of Onyx

    94/100 membres
    Création : 2016-05-09

    We're on the hunt for Achilles and we need your help. Its a grind out there, so why not spend your time with us?
    If we're full, apply anyways! I try to purge inactives frequently so room will be made for you.

    ***With the release of Halo Infinite in fall 2020, Marine kills are an absolute must if we want to achieve the Achilles helmet before the release. Players in the company must log in Warzone games or will be at higher risk of being removed. Without Warzone, there is no Achilles ***

    *As we near closer to the launch of Halo Infinite, we are hitting grind time. If we want to unlock the helmet before the next game, we will need more active players. So if you are not active, you will be replaced with an active player. Just reapply and we'll gladly take you back!*

    Before joining, please make sure you leave your previous company.

    5 Level 4 Commendations remaining

    There are a few commendations that are a bit behind the others. Be sure to keep these in mind when playing

    Marine kills *WARZONE ONLY* - Warzone, Assault, and Turbo ONLY
    Shoulder Bashes *LOWEST ONE* - SWAT or Warzone reccomended (have on 2 Speed Boost power ups and the increased Melee Damage armor mod https://m.imgur.com/r/halo/9zQ22pd )
    Sniper kills on drivers

    Ideally, the rest should come with natural progression

    41/62 08-01-19
    *Achilles Chest piece unlocked on 01/26/19*

    Next Commendation: Not So Fast
    Kill an enemy thats jacking a vehicle

  10. Emblème de la compagnie de Spartans

    L i m i t l e s s

    100/100 membres
    Création : 2015-12-19

    *************************************************** INVITE ONLY ***************************************************
    Achilles Armor Set Progress:
    Armor: Completed (06/04/17)
    Helmet: 99%
    > DISCORD <
    * Leaders check player activity at the end of the month
    * Inactivity: Not playing at least [20] games of Warzone in the current month
    (If you want to stay message leadership when you'll be inactive)
    If you have any questions or suggestions, message any of these people:
    Lieutenant: Codename Matrix
    Lieutenant: TGBro SaltyKota
    Lieutenant: LeftmostClamp
    Lieutenant: ProclaimUnited
    [Last Updated: 09/18/19]- Codename Matrix
    [ 2 ] Commendations to complete:
    Kill Marines: 37076 / 38900 (93%)
    Kill an enemy Spartan with a ground vehicle: 25015 / 29200 (72%)
    Social Media:
    Pi3derf -YouTube | Twitch
    TheSinisterBrat - YouTube | Twitch | Twitter
    Shhy Panda -YouTube | Twitch
    Killionaire TV - YouTube | Instagram
    SooN x Pierce - Twitch
    IX Trick - Twitch

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