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WARNING: I pretty much suck at Halo. I'd like to believe I'm good, but I just can't quite convince myself, XD.

I also lead a Spartan Company in Halo 5: Guardians called The Noobs of Achilles.

Compagnia Spartan

The Noobs of Achilles

The Noobs of Achilles

Join discord.gg/sWbgZdg first!


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Fond. 08/09/2017

LT Announcement
I'ma keep this brief, join the discord or die.
What I mean by this is, join the discord, state your gamertag and that you sent a request to TNOA(The Noobs of Achilles) and you're in, that's all there is to it, DO THE DISCORD FIRST.
Achilles Progress

Armor Completed - 100% on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Helmet Progress - 82% Complete

  1. Join and maintain an account on our Discord Server. (You must check in within 24 hours. Failure to do so will have you discharged from the company.)
  2. You must not be absent from Halo 5 for more than ten (14) days at a time. (Arena/Warzone gametypes that contributes to Achilles progress are preferred).
  3. You must not be absent from the Discord Server for more than two (2) days at a time. Need not worry too much about this rule. Just make sure you join the server, and do what Mee6 says. Or I'll thump you on the head.
Notes about your application:
  • If you are currently in another Spartan company or you just leave the default message, your application will be rejected.
  • Please include your discord name and tag within the application.
  • DO NOT message leadership about joining.
Discord Server: CLICK THIS LINK
Why Discord?
  • Discord is a messaging app built for gamers and it is available for installation on mobile (android/iOS) and desktop (windows/macOS), or can be accessed through any web browser at http://discordapp.com. It can also be installed on the Xbox dashboard.
  • Our company uses a bot to monitor member's activity and stats. Members also access the bot to monitor their own activity and scoring stats using Discord.
  • It is an easy way to put together or join a fireteam as we share the the Discord server with several alliance companies. (There are voice channels you can use instead of party chat on the xbox.)
  • It's a great way to connect with other Halo players.
TheCruddierMage. Leader of The Noobs of Achilles.
JulesPhantom2. Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.
AssumedNoob. Co-founder of TNoA and Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.
FS Sushy. Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles.
Dirty G Murder. Lieutenant of The Noobs of Achilles. ALSO THE VERY BEST!

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