Halo: kolekcja Master Chief po raz pierwszy przedstawia całą historię Master Chiefa na jednej konsoli: Xbox One. Zagraj we wszystkie cztery gry z serii (w tym zremasterowane Halo 2: Anniversary) w grafice Xbox One i przy 60 klatkach na sekundę.Halo: kolekcja Master Chief zawiera kampanie i mapy wieloosobowe z Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 i Halo 4 oraz zapewnia dostęp do serialu ...

  2. Halo Infinite | Gry

    The Master Chief returns in the next chapter of the legendary franchise in “Halo Infinite.” Developed by 343 Industries and created with the studio’s new Slipspace Engine, “Halo Infinite” debuted at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing with a thrilling engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the Halo franchise that leads it into new and unexpected directions.

  3. Halo Wars 2 | Gry

    Halo Wars 2 to strategia czasu rzeczywistego, ale rozgrywana w szaleńczym tempie starć z Halo. Poprowadź Spartan i inne dobrze znane jednostki, takie jak Guźce czy Skorpiony, a także zupełnie nowe do wojny z niespotykanym wcześniej straszliwym wrogiem na największym polu bitwy w Halo. Obejrzyj zwiastun.

  4. Halo 3 | Gry

    Niesamowita saga ma swoją kontynuację w grze Halo 3, w której Master Chief powraca, aby odkryć pradawny sekret, doprowadzając konflikt między Przymierzem, Potopem i ludzkością do dramatycznego, pełnego emocji finału.. Halo 3 to odsłona podsumowująca trylogię Halo – serię gier akcji, uhonorowaną wieloma nagrodami międzynarodowymi, która dorobiła się statusu globalnego ...

  5. Halo: Combat Evolved | Gry

    Stworzona przez Bungie Halo: Combat Evolved to gra science fiction, odpowiedzialna za zrewolucjonizowanie strzelanek pierwszoosobowych. Gracz wciela się w Spartanina UNSC, znanego jako Master Chief, i Halo: Combat Evolved szybko rzuca go w tajemniczy, obcy świat-pierścień. Następnie Chief musi odkryć sekrety Halo i stawić czoła wrogowi ludzkości, Przymierzu.

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  1. I really really hope so. However I'm guessing the main campaign will focus solely on the Banished and the Cortana storyline. I think the first big DLC for the campaign will be similar to 'Awaken the Nightmare' from Halo Wars 2 and be an...

  2. I really want this! I can customize my spartan from my phone and maybe check the forums.

  3. And another...

  4. I can't decide between Hal's armour, rifle, and sword in Fable II or Nicole in Dead or Alive 4.

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    Savage Swarm is a part of the Savage Dads community, in addition to our good friends in Next Gen Spartans, and is for mature gamers who want to be around other sincere friendly gamers.


    N8 Peaks

    You can be of any skill level, we just ask that you interact regularly in game and in our BAND app forum. For a preview of the Savage community, follow this YouTube link HERE to our community Highlights Montage titled Reel Men. Our community has players who enjoy both social and competitive game play (from Bronze thru Champion rank), as well as both Arena and Warzone playlists. Companies may be limited to 100 participants, but our community crosses multiple companies and several hundred players- someone's certain to be into your favorite playlist.

    Our Membership Requirements are simple:
    -Must be a mature friendly person
    -Must have a mic
    -Be respectful.
    **We're all pretty easy to get along with. Those who are not, need not apply.

    Application Instructions
    -Don't submit the generic join request. We would like to know more about you - for example, how you heard about the company or why you're interested in joining the Savage community. Additional info like how long you've played Halo, favorite playlists, or fun facts about yourself are always appreciated.
    -If you are currently a member in another Spartan Company, we're happy to evaluate you for membership here, just know Waypoint won't let us accept your entry request until you've left your current company. A short explanation of why you'd like to transfer is also helpful.

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    Specialist Spartans

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    We are looking for players who are very competitive and like to play as a team. We are always looking for new members and are very responsive to queries.

    The join requirements are :

    • Be willing to play both arena and warzone.
    • Have a K/D of at least 1 in arena.
    As a clan we are very competitive but have no specific rules on what you must play or how often you must play as after all games are meant to be fun (not a full time job). We are always open to suggestions and offer this to be done through waypoint or a “poll” in our optional team discord.

    The staff members for the clan are:

    LEADER - The Xbox Origin

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    Bungie Employees

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    [Leaders of the Company]
    Venamora & munk07
    (Venamora is bilingual in English & Spanish)


    19,844 of 38,900 earned

    Looking for Warzone Players
    Must meet all three requirements
    [1] *You must be SR100 or above*
    [2] ONLY ACCEPTING 1.0 Arena KD or HIGHER
    !!! NO EXCEPTIONS !!!
    [Game Activity will be put into consideration]

    New and current players must play Warzone or will be removed.
    If you have been removed, it was due to excessive lack of game activity. Do not take it personally.

    This group is designated to bring players and friends together to keep Halo active. It's not just a company, but rather a community of players that enjoy the Halo franchise.

    Rude behavior towards other company members will not be tolerated. Meaning, do not teabag, swear at, or demoralize other members. Simple. As. That..
    June 2021 Leaderboard
    Begins June 1st 12:00AM EST
    [Marine Kills: 30 Minimum]
    ☆1st: Nonezed 99
    ☆2nd: I Mixis I 72
    ☆3rd: DarkSlide37 63
    4th: Xenkuru 61
    5th: Xenkuru 51
    6th: I Mixis I 41
    Ends June 30th @ 11:59PM EST

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