1. Is it late to opt-in to the pc flight after email? | Halo ...

    Recruit - Iron. Hey everyone, so I got the email regarding to how I got selected for the second flight test. However I went back into the Halo Insider settings and noticed that I didn't have the PC opt-in section. So I'm wondering if it'll be late for me to select that before they send out the invitation email with access codes and what not.

  2. Season disconnected | Halo: The Master Chief Collection ...

    PunitiveCloud47 wrote: The problem that I have seems to be that no one else has it, why I did not find any information about it. Well, the option to enter the season pass comes out "Disconnected" as if it were a network error, however outside of that everything is normal, I can enter the challenges, play online, etc, the problem is that I do ...

  3. I am unable to verify my email | Halo Insider | Forums ...

    I had this same issue too. I have no idea what I did but somehow fixed it. I believe it was because I entered the "code" at the end of the email to verify into the code box without entering the site.

  4. njteWolf

    Nogami do przodu. Udał ci się pierwszy zrzut na HaloWaypoint.com. Statistician. View your Service Record on the web. Góra

  5. Season Pass Offline | Halo: The Master Chief Collection ...

    My season pass in MCC shows that’s it’s offline and won’t allow me to spend any points towards new gear nor receive more points. I can still play multiplayer but it’s pointless without any rewards being rewarded. I’ve read many forms with players have the same issue. This is going on two weeks now and still now fix.

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    Halo Infinite - Autorstwa: MRJUSF ,

    no pudo solucionarlo?

  2. I would change somethings like those running lines and some hud stuff but it wasn’t applied if that makes sense. Anyone having the same bug

  3. Same here my friend. Just sits there. All I can do is play against botts. Swop guns etc. A bit bland

  4. Im having the same exact issues and im trying to play during the times given but the multiplayer UNSC symbol is showing a lot of times and multiplayer wont start itself

  5. Are you searching outside of the dedicated play sessions? If so, then you’re not going to find a match as the severs are turned off. Play session schedules will have been sent to everyone but are also available in game in the news tab. If you are...

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Kompanie Spartan

  1. Emblemat kompanii Spartan

    Achilles Helm and Armor

    100/100 członków
    Zał. 09.10.2016

    We are a Clan Solely dedicated to every member reaching Max Rank 152.

    Join Us and grind XP.

    Company Achievements:
    Achilles Armor Unlocked: 06/24/2017
    Achilles Helmet Unlocked: 07/09/2019

    *Achilles is not availible to new members. The armor is unlocked by the system for all members of the clan, who were members at the time the kill achievements were completed. Leadership does not have the ability to give Achilles to new members.

  2. Emblemat kompanii Spartan

    117 Ways To Die

    100/100 członków
    Zał. 02.01.2018

    Our Discord Server is open to EVERYONE 16+! Click here!
    -Waypoint full but still accepting applications-

    117 Ways To Die is a large Halo community on Discord. Active across Xbox & PC, we play every major Halo title with our focus on H5 & MCC. We’re an all inclusive and pretty chill group, with most of us being long time Halo players. It's important to us to have a place to play the games, have fun, and maintain a respectful and friendly group where everyone can feel welcome.

    We’re not an Achilles grind company, but we are close to the helmet. We’re a more laid back group. So if you just wanna chill & play some Halo, join us, you’ll fit right in!

    • With a Discord Server of 300+ gamers across Xbox & PC, you should always find a group to play with!
    • Active on H5, MCC & we’re ready for Infinite
    • We host regular gamenights, contests & competitions with prizes
    • Join our large group of SR-152 grinders before Infinite drops
    To increase your chances of being accepted:
    • Submit a non-generic application including your age
    • Join the Discord
    • Have played 15 games of PVP matchmaking in the last week
    • Apply to 117 Ways To Kill while you wait
    The games played simply gets you in faster - otherwise, all requests are accepted in the order they are received.

    Achilles commendation progress below for those interested ⬇️
    We do have a few rules listed below ⬇️
    If you have any questions please DM a leader listed below ⬇️

  3. Emblemat kompanii Spartan


    94/100 członków
    Zał. 15.04.2021

    Warzone & Arena

    Rxege - Instagram | Twitter
    •Mikrenn - Twitter |
    Siryst - Instagram |
    •Sigthy - Instagram |
    iVirtztaker - Instagram | YouTube
    vDYXY - Instagram |
    Drufter - Twitch | Twitter |
    •Heous - Twitch | Twitter |
    •Vissolve - Instagram |
    Cenfuria -Twitch | Instagram | YouTube
    Esteller1707 - Instagram |
    •Sefdy - Instagram |
    Omegxz - Instagram |
    Negvty - Instagram |
    •Fresvty - Instagram |
    Euphxry - YouTube |
    •Akhuisa - Instagram |
    Hozrier - Instagram |

  4. Emblemat kompanii Spartan

    Pure Talent

    96/100 członków
    Zał. 04.07.2019


    We need warzone players! Without warzone there is no helmet! Looking for players who are active and actually willing to contribute towards the last commendation. If your looking for a free ride to the helmet then keep looking!

    We often check the frequency and status of your games played to see who’s been contributing to the remaining commendations and who hasn’t been. So if haven’t been contributing or not playing much, you will be replaced.


    Leader: ExtortioN Ftw
    Lieutenant: STRUCKED PORTAL
    Lieutenant: xCyderr

  5. Emblemat kompanii Spartan

    Army of the Shadows

    100/100 członków
    Zał. 07.06.2017

    Welcome to the Army of the Shadows Official Spartan Company!

    👻We are making a company which is working towards the full set of Achilles....... so join the Shadows👻

    • Achilles armour unlocked 21/4/18
    Our spartan company is called Army of the Shadows, and we are at 93% commendations I know we would be honoured, if you would join us to get the Achilles helmet see you in the field Spartan!

    Sorry our Spartan company is currently full you can try again when we are less than 100 members

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