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    Gra Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, stworzona z okazji 10. rocznicy powstania jednej z najbardziej uwielbianych serii w historii gier, to spektakularnie zremasterowana wersja pierwszej odsłony gier FPS.Rozbudowana o siedem najpopularniejszych map trybu wieloosobowego w historii Halo, gotowych do wykorzystania w Xbox Live, gra Halo: Anniversary oferuje mnóstwo nowych możliwości, takich ...

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  1. Dude that would be an awesome feature to have!

  2. Within driving distance to Louisville ky, st louis, Indianapolis, and Nashville Tennessee. Specifically near Evansville ind.

  3. It's even beyond that. You'll often get such a large gap of skill levels in each given game. No reason people that go 18-6 should be paired with players that go 2-16. I don't like the idea of balancing teams by giving each team 1 or 2 good...

  4. Can confirm this issue as a lot of people are saying.Challenges are resetting to 0 and you lose all your progress if you exit the game. Immediate hotfix required 343.

  5. I'm tired of politics being pushed in games and media, especially BLM and Homo pride. But I'd be wrong to ask for a All Lives matter nameplate or Straight pride nameplate!

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Kompanie Spartan

  1. Emblemat kompanii Spartan

    5280 Guardians

    92/100 członków
    Zał. 06.12.2017

    Fighting to achieve Achilles Armor 👊 We are currently recruiting

    5280 Guardians needs WARZONE Spartans to help with Marine kills for Achilles Armor
    Warzone Firefight doesn't help our company

    Searching for Halo 5 Spartans that are ready 2 achieve Achilles Armor
    We are near completion for armor and want serious Spartans to help with the remaining commedations



    We currently have 92 members. No special requirements. Only a few commendations left

    Over all it's all about having fun in HALO 5 Guardians

  2. Emblemat kompanii Spartan


    79/100 członków
    Zał. 19.10.2015

    Mission Statement

    Unity is the 2nd most active Spartan Company, we have been around since Halo: MCC and have no intentions on stopping.
    We are mainly based within the UK & Europe. We do have many American & Australian players too so don’t be shy to apply if you’re from another country.
    We welcome all international players.

    *Please note that Achilles Armour/Helmet can no longer be earned through this Spartan Company. Any requests for Achilles will be rejected*
    Leadership Team

    Conor#5017 (Leader/UK),
    TheDonCJG (Admin/UK),
    Moyer (Admin/UK),
    PURECOMBAT100 (Admin/UK),
    WS3gamer97 (Admin/UK),
    LeLegacyOfTywin (Admin/EU),
    Lash ALV (Admin/US),
    Ohms AU (Admin/AU).
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Company Status: July 2020 Update

    Unity is still up and running. The leadership team are active daily with other members also present online within the company.
    Halo Infinite is scheduled to be shown on July 23rd which is exciting news! Hopefully we will see a date for the Beta. Unity will be present for the Beta, Flighting and full release of the game. We’ll keep you posted.
    Please note; if you send a application we are unable to accept it if you join another company. If you want to join this specific company please wait for us to accept, thanks.
    //TheDonCJG - Admin Team
    Achilles Progress;

    Achilles Chest - March 15th 2016,
    Achilles Helmet - October 9th 2016.
    Applicant Requirements

    • A microphone.
    • Positive K/D ratio.
    • Minimum of Diamond 1 in ranked arena.
    • Minimum 16 years of age.
    • Stats WILL be checked.
    • A little effort - Requests to join the company with the generic template will be ignored.
    High-Value Target Takedowns

    Here’s who we’ve come across and defeated!
    iSpiteful (YT) x2
    UberNick (YT)
    Naded (HCS)
    Unyshek (343i)
    SnickerDoodle (343i)
    Postums (343i)

  3. Emblemat kompanii Spartan


    92/100 członków
    Zał. 19.10.2015


  4. Emblemat kompanii Spartan

    Diamonds Guardians

    93/100 członków
    Zał. 05.08.2019

  5. Emblemat kompanii Spartan

    AMBU team

    100/100 członków
    Zał. 23.06.2019

    AMBU Team is a VERY ACTIVE company!

    This Friday, July 17th, we will have open spots, so we are looking for:

    • SWAT and Warzone Players
    Tell us what you can bring to the table! 👍🏼

    1. Be a fully active player who often plays in Warzone and Arena. Player Playlist Activity is reviewed periodically, your Playlist Activity will determine if you can continue to be part of the AMBU team.
    2. Only players with sufficient qualifying experience are accepted into the game ( unranked players may be rejected) .
    3. Your SR (Spartan Rank) will be taken into account, although it will not be the most important factor to be accepted into the AMBU Team, since everything will depend on your service record where your daily activity within Halo 5 will be reviewed. Having a SR of 140 or higher may will increase your chances of entry.
    4. Once on the AMBU team, you should focus on helping to complete all the Kill Commendations.
    5. If at any time you are struggling and unable to play Halo 5 for a long time, you should report the news via a Waypoint message.
    These are the Kill Commendations / Medals to work on.
    • Kill an enemy Spartan with a ground vehicle.
    • Kill an enemy Spartan with any grenade.
    • Protect teammate.
    • Kill the driver of a moving enemy vehicle with a sniper rifle. (priority)
    • Hijack a vehicle or Skyjack a flying vehicle.
    • Kill an enemy Spartan with a shoulder dash. (priority)
    • Kill an enemy Spartan with a ground pound. (priority)
    • Kill a Spartan enemy with a head shot. (priority)
    • Kill an opponent by hitting him with a vehicle.
    • Kill a Spartan enemy with a Standard weapon. (priority)
    • Kill Marines. (priority) .
    • Kill an enemy Spartan when your health is low and survive.
    • Kill an opponent who shot you first.
    • Assassinate enemy Spartans. (priority)
    • Kill a Spartan enemy with melee.
    • Get the Cluster Luck, Last Shot, Syonara or Fastball medal.
    • Get the first kill of a game.
    • Kill a Spartan enemy from a long distance.
    • Kill a player with precision weapons without missing. (priority)

    What is considered an inactive member?
    3 days without playing Halo 5.

    When will we get the Achilles set?
    According to calculations, we will get the complete set in the last quarter of 2020 before the release of Halo infinite.

    Do we speak only English or also Spanish?
    30% at AMBU speak Spanish from Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Argentina.

    Is there a means or forum to communicate with the Leader or the Lieutenant and other members of the company?
    No, only by direct message on Xbox Live or via Halo Waypoint.

    Are there more rewards apart from armor?
    Different Req packs will be earned each time a 4/5 or 5/5 objective is completed that will appear in your inventory.

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