1. Halo Wars

    Halo Wars

    Desenvolvido pela Ensemble Studios, Halo Wars dá ao jogador o comando dos exércitos da UNSC Spirit of Fire, além de unidades novas e familiares da UNSC. Os eventos acontecem 20 anos antes de Halo: Combat Evolved, e os jogadores enfrentam pela primeira vez a Irmandade, uma coalizão alienígena que ameaça aniquilar a humanidade.. Com a liderança de Serina, um espirituoso construto de ...

  2. Halo Infinite | Jogos

    The Master Chief returns in the next chapter of the legendary franchise in “Halo Infinite.” Developed by 343 Industries and created with the studio’s new Slipspace Engine, “Halo Infinite” debuted at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing with a thrilling engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the Halo franchise that leads it into new and unexpected directions.

  3. Halo Channel | Channel

    *Certos recursos, como assistir a programação e entretenimento originais ou poder entrar diretamente em um jogo “Halo”, podem exigir a compra de conteúdos adicionais e/ou uma Assinatura Xbox LIVE Gold antes que eles possam ser acessados por meio do Halo Channel.

  4. Halo Championship Series

    As Halo Infinite continues to bake in the oven, we wanted to provide some updates on what to expect from Halo esports in early 2021. Since the announcement of the delay, we’ve been working as quickly as possible with our partners to provide competitions for players to keep busy with and sharpen their skills until the HCS returns for Halo Infinite.

  5. Skins

    We’ve partnered with top esports teams to give Halo 5 players a brand new way to show their support for their favorite teams in-game. Each esports team skin REQ Pack includes weapon skins for the Magnum and Assault Rifle, as well as a customizable team emblem.

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  1. I had an idea regarding halo 3 customization. Looking at the Rhine legs I noticed that the halo reach grenade belt was present as well as the knife on the legs. So would it be possible to model or port reach armor peices to halo 3?

  2. Taking skulls from one title (for example, Bandanna from H1 and H2) and adding them to all the other titles in the collection (Reach, H3, ODST, H4, Spartan Ops). Some minor match customization options in Spartan Ops (player traits, time limits, limited...

  3. BR mode needs to stay away from Halo games. If people want it that badly then they should buy the Halo dlc for Fornite and then go play Fornite.

  4. I disagree. I liked getting exclusives from challenges, until I read how the Mister Chief helmet was unobtainable for some people, even though they kept doing the challenge correctly. I feel lucky I got it the first time I did the challenge, but I...

  5. It's a catch 22 isn't it. Something that adds immersion (blood) vs something that potentially increases population (T-rating). I guess it comes down to the increase in population from the T-rating vs the drop in population of those who refuse...

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Companhias Spartan

  1. Emblema da Companhia Spartan

    Mantle of Ares

    89/100 Membros
    Est. 06/07/2020

    **3% until Achilles Helmet Unlock. Only 3 Commendations Left!!**
    **Messaging leaders begging to join will be blocked and Declined immediately.**
    **CURRENTLY GOING FOR Achilles Armour.**
    Armour - Completed on 12/27/2020
    Helmet- 97%
    Swat and Infection
    Headshot kills 0/500

    We’re an active spartan company the Mantle of Ares. A community of Completionists that focus on HALO as a whole. Focusing on Achievement progress and the completion of ALL Halo games. We are wanting to create a friendly and safe community, where toxic behaviour will not be tolerated. Our future is in Infinite. Stay active.

    Read our Waypoint messages. Focus on Kill Commendations. Follow Company Guidelines listed below.

    **Activity & progression checks every Weekend. Fail to meet activity quota of 20+ games a week will get you removed.**
    **Read the community guidelines below and make sure you understand them, to avoid issues or confusion. Halowaypoint game history will be checked for activity reasons. If the company is full or people have broken Company rules, spaces will be made for more active determined players to join.**

    IF YOU ARE IN A COMPANY WITH PEOPLE THEN WHY NOT COMMUNICATE?? If we find that you are lacking an understanding of what is needed for the Achilles or simply don't read the leadership messages on waypoint then you will be removed. Stay informed OR face removal. THERE IS NO FREE RIDE TO THIS ARMOUR. YOU DO YOUR PART OR LEAVE.

    Community Guideline rules (Refer to this):

    • Check Waypoint daily for message updates. Mandatory interaction with the Company or Leadership. This includes Xbox Club, Discord, Xbox Group Messages or Waypoint messages. Failure to do so will result in removal.
    • Meet Personal Weekly Commendation Targets. (Via. Waypoint Messages from Leadership)
    • BE ACTIVE 20+ games a week (Minimum). Inform the leaders if life stops you from playing. 7 days of inactivity gets you removed.
    • Priorities Company Commendations.
    • Play from the playlists listed below.
    • NO custom games, Fiesta OR Firefight. (No commendation progress happens)
    • No alternative or +1 accounts.
    • Respect each other.
    • Don’t try to conspire against the company.
    • No racism or discrimination in any way.
    • Join our discord server. (Optional)
    • Join our Xbox club named Mantle of Ares. (Optional)
    • ALL WARZONE PvP MODES; Loadout kills. Headshot kills.
    ALL CASUAL ARENA GAME MODES; Loadout kills. Headshots.
    • Slayer; Loadout kills. Headshots.
    • Infection; Loadout kills. Headshots. Close call.
    • BTB; Headshots. Loadout kills.
    • Swat; Loadout kills. Headshots.
    • 2v2; Loadout kills. Headshots.
    • Breakout; Loadout kills. Headshots.
    - Prototype GQ
    - Xatty
    - RunningPeach523
    - XCerealHunterX
    - Manney B Fresco (Spanish Speaking)
    - KYYGUYY4377
    - Mmm WaterM3lon (Spanish Speaking)
    - JagoSev

    - Prototype GQ
    - Xatty
    - RunningPeach523
    - Manney B Fresco
    - XCerealHunterX
    - ManWolf6675
    - Mmm WaterM3lon

    Discord & Xbox Club
    Discord links will be provided once joined. The Xbox Club -Mantle of Ares- can be found on Xbox Live.

  2. Emblema da Companhia Spartan

    Federation of Fathers

    99/100 Membros
    Est. 19/10/2015

    Welcome to the FoF!

    We're Still active as of 4-13-2021!
    We're 91.6% of the way to obtaining the Achilles Helmet!

    We're actively recruiting new Spartans to finish the grind for the Achilles helmet!
    18/31 Kill Commendations are complete!
    Every other Kill Commendation is in Level 5!!

    We've unlocked the Achilles Armor!

    Here's how to make it in:


    1. Say something! Right now we're getting lots of join requests. If you send the default message your request may go ignored. Let us know what you can do to help!
    2. Leave your current Spartan Company. We can't let you in if you're in another.
    3. Be active! If you haven't been active in Halo 5 within 5 days of your request to join, then you're probably not playing enough to help us out; and therefore won't be accepted. (But a convincing join request message could sway us...)
    4. Stay active! Newly accepted spartans who are inactive for more than 5 days will get kicked. No offense, but we need players who actually want to help us earn the helmet. Once you've earned your keep we'll be more flexible with your H5 down-time.
    5. (OPTIONAL) Be an adult over 21; and join our group on Discord! This will greatly enhance your chances of entry. Let us know this in your join request message!
    6. NO FIREFIGHT! Yes, firefight is great for XP. If you're on the grind for 152, there are companies dedicated to that. We want the Achilles helmet and Firefight does literally nothing to help us.

    Join the Federation, help us grind (especially if you like Warzone) and get the helmet with us!

    The Federation of Fathers (FoF) is a very active gaming community of like minded fathers coming together to play HALO as well as a variety of games. Our official Halo night is every Thursday at 9pm EDT, but you can usually find a fireteam ready to go just about every other night of the week! On Thursdays we mostly play HALO 5, but company members play ALL HALOs and the now-fixed MCC has been gaining more traction.

    With the understanding that we all have lives, work, and family that frequently limit our gaming time. This group is built around providing quick and efficient ways to play with mature(ish) Fathers like you. For more information check us out at

    All active Halo players welcome to join the company! Over 21? Send us a message to request an invite to our DISCORD team.

    FoF Spartans at 152:
    Ronn Swanson

  3. Emblema da Companhia Spartan


    99/100 Membros
    Est. 31/03/2020

    Envía tu solicitud, notifícanos en el chat de WhatsApp y deja tu gamertag :)

  4. Emblema da Companhia Spartan


    35/100 Membros
    Est. 21/06/2018


  5. Emblema da Companhia Spartan


    89/100 Membros
    Est. 29/11/2019

    Loyalty, over Royalty.

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