1. HALO 2

    HALO 2

    Após os eventos de Halo: Combat Evolved, Master Chief e Cortana voltam à Terra para tentar deter a carnificina dos Covenants, uma civilização alienígena agressiva e aterrorizante, focada em destruir a raça humana.. Desenvolvido pela Bungie, Halo 2 traz o jogador não apenas para retomar o papel do Master Chief, a melhor defesa da humanidade contra as implacáveis forças da Irmandade ...

  2. HALO 4

    HALO 4

    Halo 4 marca o início de uma nova saga épica no universo premiado de Halo. O Master Chief volta nesse premiado jogo de tiro em primeira pessoa desenvolvido pela 343 Industries. Naufragado em um mundo misterioso, Master Chief volta para combater novos inimigos, uma tecnologia mortífera e um mal antigo, dedicado à vingança e à aniquilação...

  3. Spartan Companies | Comunidade

    Join an active Spartan Company or create your own, and receive a free REQ Pack guaranteed to contain a customization item. Once you’ve got your shiny new piece of Mjolnir, you can customize your Spartan right here on Halo Waypoint. Make your Spartan Company stand out from the crowd with unique ...

  4. Halo Wars | Jogos

    Desenvolvido pela Ensemble Studios, Halo Wars dá ao jogador o comando dos exércitos da UNSC Spirit of Fire, além de unidades novas e familiares da UNSC. Os eventos acontecem 20 anos antes de Halo: Combat Evolved, e os jogadores enfrentam pela primeira vez a Irmandade, uma coalizão alienígena que ameaça aniquilar a humanidade.. Com a liderança de Serina, um espirituoso construto de ...

  5. Halo 5: Forge | Jogos

    With Halo 5: Forge, the entire Forge experience from Halo 5: Guardians comes to Windows 10, with support for mouse and keyboard, the ability to host and play custom matches for up to 16 players, and a new content browser that spans platforms.

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  1. This has been a problem with Halo: The Master Chief Collection as a whole since release. Its frequency has been decreased, but it'll likely never be completely fixed. I've never had this issue since year one. Back then, sure, it always happened...

  2. Halo: The Movie

    Halo Infinite - Postado por LUKADONChief em

    If Halo was ever made into a movie during what period on the timeline do you want the film taking place? During the Fall of Reach? During the events of Halo 1, 2, and 3? Or would like to see a film be made before Reach? Do you think the television show...

  3. I don't like, but I'm glad is not time gated.

  4. been playing on my other account a bit lately, trying to get it up to some decent loadouts and in the past 2 or 3 days have been getting alot of that no music frozen everything thing during the mid match intermission part, the other day it froze for...

  5. This has been a problem with Halo: The Master Chief Collection as a whole since release. Its frequency has been decreased, but it'll likely never be completely fixed.

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Companhias Spartan

  1. Emblema da Companhia Spartan


    92/100 Membros
    Est. 29/06/2019

    1. Follow Prof on Twitch
    2. Join our Discord server. WE ONLY ACCEPT ONYX OR ABOVE INTO THE COMPANY, but Everyone in the Halo community is welcome to join our server.
    Follow us:
    LegendaryProf81: Twitch | Mixer
    Evisxeral: Twitch
    Bigdaddy j03: Twitch
    iShark G: Twitch
    KingKong329922: Twitch

  2. Emblema da Companhia Spartan


    85/100 Membros
    Est. 19/10/2015

    Dark Justice Incorporated Discord server

    If you wish to join our community click on the discord link above^^

    Our fight for Achilles is done but our mission isn’t, we will be back for halo infinite.

    For those wishing for a community we definitely will offer you a home. 2020 has only just begun....

    Achilles armor obtained 09/09/16,
    Achilles helmet obtained 04/02/20

    Company Commander

    Force Commander

    Super Sonic5556

  3. Emblema da Companhia Spartan

    But Flesh and Faith

    61/100 Membros
    Est. 06/08/2019

    We are not the heroes of your war songs. We do not answer your heretical war-cry. You may call us Heretics, but we now see the truth! We have faith only in our own flesh, not your delusions. We do not fall at your feet in silence. Containment is insurmountable! There will be no salvation to those who stand against us.
    We have listened through rock and metal and time to your delusion. The Great Journey is a beautiful lie. The rings are an ugly truth. If you will not hear the truth, then we will show it to you. We rise, one by one, a legion of revenants. We are undying… We are undead. We are not your empire!
    We are a monument to all your sins!

    We are seeking active players for Halo 5, but do not expect you to play daily. There will be an establish playtime in the future as the company fills back up for now, just claim your spot.
    Don't have thin skin. Try to have fun, and know when to get serious in games.

  4. Emblema da Companhia Spartan

    Reddit Achilles

    97/100 Membros
    Est. 19/01/2016

    Temporary Discord Server invite
    Edit by fvagelis:Why do people lie about their top rank and k/d ? I can literally see them on here.
    Edit 2 by fvagelis:Your request will be denied if what you say doesn't line up with the stats here.

    Reddit Achilles was, solely, created to have Achilles armor set.
    Spots in the company are open for purchase.

    • Achilles Armor unlocked 4/25/2016!!
    How to join:

    Requesting to join message should and must contain the following info:

    Spartan Rank
    Highest Rank achieved

    Blank requests are instantly rejected.

    Must PLAY t̶h̶e̶ ̶g̶a̶m̶e̶ Warzone regularly. If you don't, please consider yourself discharged.

    Level requirement:

    As of now (03/11/2017), Reddit Achilles requires a minimum level of SR80 with a rank higher than bronze and K/D higher than 1.00.
    Not Actively playing Warzone results in immediate discharge with no warning

    Members who leave the Spartan Company without any previous warning message to the Leader, consider yourself banned.

  5. Emblema da Companhia Spartan

    Anti Bully Rangers

    99/100 Membros
    Est. 06/01/2018

    Anti Bully Rangers is a Spartan Company for those who simply enjoy playing Halo. There are only three rules to keep in mind:

    • Be respectful. (We are the Anti Bully Rangers, after all)
    • Don't quit out of matches. (Quitting is for cowards)
    • Stay active. (Inactive members are prone to being removed)
    Current Goal: Achilles Helmet - 8 / 31

    Notice: The Anti Bully Rangers have a new Discord server.

    Message DoubleSama if you have any further questions.

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