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    Friday 3/24 The 12-team action kicks off with Halo World Championship Play! Doors open 9:30am / Broadcast starts at 10am. Saturday 3/25 Play continues as teams fight ...

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    While the organization was founded in 2006, OpTic Gaming fielded its first professional gaming team in 2010, at the MLG Dallas National Championships.

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    Meet the Pro Teams from North America ... Твит написан 1 час назад. HCS @HCS. An update on Summer 2017 settings including Assault Rifle, Splinter ...

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  1. Is anyone still playing this game?

    Halo Wars 2 — опубликовано Sergeant Braken ()

    The thing that's really hurting the PC version is that it's being forced to follow the console patch schedule. PC games don't need to have updates go through certification, yet they are making PC players wait anyway. I'm not a console...

  2. Rvb weapons

    General Discussion — опубликовано Darkboy1010 ()

    Church's Sniper Rifle - Good luck aiming with that Tucker's Sword - Bow chicka bow wow Grif's Warthog - Plays Great Polka Music and completely waterproof Why call it a Warthog? I think it looks more like a puma. Lol, forgot about that...

  3. And one of my last arguments. Why sprinting in Halo is not good. I know this will probably be not changed but it's worth a shot. So bungie included sprinting in Reach and guess what? It didn't work. So 343, instead of saying "hey let's...

  4. If anyone needs help hit me up. does that include laso?

  5. Armor Sets that should return

    Halo 5: Guardians — опубликовано HER0ICxJUSTICE ()

    Halo Reach ODST Armor

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Кланы Спартанцев

  1. Эмблема клана Спартанцев


    Участников: 3/100
    Осн.: 02.10.2016

  2. Эмблема клана Спартанцев

    We Need Achil18es

    Участников: 72/100
    Осн.: 28.02.2016


    your leader invites you all to the 'Halo Nation' Xbox Club, the largest and most active Halo Club on Xbox! Featuring Halo News, Customs, LFG, Hit clips, Awesome screenshot art, Community Tournaments and much more! Search for it on your Xbox Dashboard or Xbox App!

    13/03/2016 - UPDATE

    As we are very close to the helmet now, the company is on lockdown. Only the most dedicated Spartans with exceptional stats and a long history with the Halo series will be accepted in.

    11/03/2016 - UPDATE

    Today I've removed around 20 people who haven't played since mid February. We have some limited spaces available but only the most active dedicated Halo fans will now be allowed in the company this close to the helmet. Otherwise from this moment we are on lockdown. We won't be accepting just anyone at this point. You must really prove your dedication to this series to be considered. We currently have 450 requests sitting in the inbox. If you want a spot you have to really stand out with your request.

    We've hit 99.85% of our journey towards the helmet!! Less that 1% to go!!
    Check the kill commendations for what still needs doing.


    ϟ 300 minutes per week
    ϟ Must work towards Kill Commendations List.
    ϟ Arena/Warzone Standard or Warzone Assault.
    ϟ No Firefight minutes contribute as we have all AI kill commendations apart from marine kills level 5.
    ϟ Only Join Requests through company page with a non-default join request message will be accepted. Please don't Xbox Live message PyroMessiah86 unless it's urgent and you are already a member of the company. Once again Generic requests to join We Need Achil18es will be ignored
    ϟ If you can't spell Spartan or Achilles correctly in your request don't be surprised if you don't get a response! xD
    ϟ Please read the kill commendations regularly so you know what commendations to aim for in game!

    Armour: Unlocked
    Helmet: 95%

    07/09/2016 - COMPANY BIO

    We Need Achil18es is the 18th Company of the We Need Achilles (WNA) Community dedicated to unlocking the Achilles set.
    WNA has over 2000 Spartans, a Reddit sub, and a Discord server.

    The Discord mobile/desktop app is the best way to receive communication from leadership and party up with fellow Spartans in our community.
    You will receive an invite to our Discord server upon acceptance into WNA 18 and will be required to join within 48h, or risk losing your spot. The link is also available in our waypoint private members forum viewable here if you are accepted-> Discord Server Link.

    Send your leader (PyroMessiah86) a friends request on Xbox Live to see important company news in your Xbox feed.

    Generic requests to join We Need Achil18es will be ignored, as will those from Spartans in another Company. Tell us about yourself, your halo story and why you want to join us! We aim to create a company with strong teamwork woking towards the end goal of the achilles set but foremost a company that loves to play together.
    Team up, send friend requests and join each others games where possible. If you can't spell Spartan or Achilles correctly in your request don't be surprised if you don't get a response! xD

    [Looking for old news? Hit the members forum and look for the sticky 'WNA 18th History']
    [We are looking for lieutenants, have what it takes to go the extra mile for WNA18? Get in touch]

    WE NEED ACHILLES ROLLCALL(featuring all 21 WNA Spartan Companies)

  3. Эмблема клана Спартанцев

    We Need Achi12es

    Участников: 100/100
    Осн.: 26.06.2016

    Welcome to the 12th company!

    Armor obtained: 11-23-2016
    Helmet obtained: n/a


    Things to Note:

    • Play Halo because you want to, not because you have to. We want to see people put hours into the game, not just several minutes.
    • There is no room for egos in the company. We expect you to put in the work but are not concerned with CSR rank or who is better than who. We are here to have fun while working toward a common goal.
    • Please put some effort into your request- show us why you deserve a spot.
    • Have the DISCORD app readily available, as you will be sent a link to our server upon acceptance into the company.
    • IF you request to join, please be nearby WayPoint throughout the next day, or so, as we are processing your request.
    Minimum requirements to join The 12th:

    • SR of at least 60
    • Overall multiplayer KD of .9 or higher
    • The Discord App (Available on all platforms; if you don't get Discord after 24 hours of being accepted, you'll be discharged.)
    Requirements to REMAIN a member of The 12th:

    • Must complete required weekly goals specified in the Commendation Progress Chat within Discord.
    • If you put in less than the required activities for the week, you may be discharged.
    • In Discord, you are required to complete at least half of the commendations for the week (this can be seen from displaying your stat count from our bot). If you complete a commendation twice or three times past its requirement, you can re-allocate it into a commendation you have not completed. The target number may change as we approach the armor/helmet, but as of right now it is not specified.)
    We want Achilles and so do you! Let's work for it together.
    Please note:
    When joining discord, read through previous messages in the Reception chat. You may mute all other channels within the server EXCEPT News and Announcements.
    If you expect to be gone for an extended period of time that would affect your commendation progress for the week, a post MUST be made in the Leave of Absence chat in our Discord Server. This is to not be abused.
    Warnings of removal are done through Discord, we will not seek you on Xbox when the purpose of the app is to communicate between the company.
    If you see a spot open, and only if you see a spot open, please leave a personalized message about why you want to join. We prioritize applicants based on activity level and the effort put into the message. Messages with the Default Message will likely be ignored.
    We Need Achilles' official subreddit can be found here. https://m.reddit.com/r/WeNeedAchilles/
    WNA is a community of 21 companies; check out our hub here! http://wna-community.com

  4. Эмблема клана Спартанцев

    We Need Achil7es

    Участников: 98/100
    Осн.: 29.01.2016


        • If we are full, please direct your invites towards the open companies found below, thank you.
        • Since we have already acquired the armour, joining this company will not give you the armour. We apologize for this but it's not in our power to control.
        • Xbox Live messages saying things such as "can I join ur clan" or such will most likely be ignored, if you're intent on getting to any LT or myself (The Gif Master) personally about joining the company, please be detailed and official about it.

    Welcome to the new & improved 7th company of the We Need Achilles community! Why don't you join us in wasting away your life to get quite possibly one of the finest looking suits of armour this side of the galaxy?

    Our subreddit can be found here, you're more than welcome to join!

    Some Information That Should Be Noted:

          • When applying for the company, thoughtful, custom messages will more than likely be prioritized over default messages.
      <ul class="ordered"><ul class="ordered"><ul class="ordered">
      • If you're going to be away for 7+ days, give either The Gif Master, SoundestCube730, The Scooby, or MaximusPrime339 a message telling us so you're not removed.

      <ul class="ordered"><ul class="ordered"><ul class="ordered">
      • Inactivity for 7 days without prior notification will result in a message asking for a reason as to your inactivity, and a request to improve it.

      <ul class="ordered"><ul class="ordered"><ul class="ordered">
      • Provided there was no boost in activity following the message sent in the previous rule, after 10+ days you will be removed from the company and replaced with someone more active, I apologize if this seems harsh but it is a method of ensuring everyone is pulling their weight towards the goal.

    Current Progress:
    Armour: Completed as of 04/21/16!
    Helmet: 93% (The helmet takes a significant amount of time to get, be ready for a long grind and to contribute if you want to join.

    Our Brother Companies can be found at this website, along with armour progress and a number of members.

  5. Эмблема клана Спартанцев

    Team Evil Genius

    Участников: 99/100
    Осн.: 31.08.2016

    Founded by Detroit Code: YouTube


    This company will be disbanded after achieving the helmet as its nearing complete, request if you're active and interested in getting the helmet. Message me if you have any questions, my main gamertag is Detroit Code NOT Detroit Code YT.

    I decided to remake Allegiance and allow members of the community who haven't had the chance of getting the helmet to get it while we switch over and progress towards it again and rebuild a strong team for mainly Warzone and BTB. I hope this decision doesn't upset anyone who was apart of ALG as you're all welcomed back and I hope you rejoin immediately or after you receive the helmet (if needed). Think of it has a rebuild like a sports team. Thank you.

    Respect to everyone.

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