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Here to improve at the game. I'm interested in competitive Halo even though I cannot survive 3 seconds in normal MLG games haha.




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Gegründet: 05.08.2021

A group of semi pro Halo players (w the exception of HOODEDBALLER) that have come back together after taking a long break from the game on new accounts. We consist of players from two HCS teams: Team Ravage and Electricoll


Gulchshot: Formally known as l Splycer l. Stats from l Splycer l : H5 SR 152, Champ #5 Solo Q/Duo Q Arena. MCC 50 Hardcore H3, 50 Hardcore H2, 39 Hardcore Reach, 46 Hardcore H2A, 31 Hardcore CE Doubles. Date of return: 9/3/20 as TormentHCS (a new account, which name changed to Gulchshot)

Cypher H5: Formally known as Cypher HCS. Stats from Cypher HCS: H5 SR 152, Champ #24 Snipers. MCC 46 Hardcore H3, 21 Hardcore H2, 32 Hardcore Reach, 12 Hardcore H2A, 16 Hardcore CE Doubles. Date of return: 1/30/21.

Tyrant HTR: Formally known as OpoidLiquidx: Stats from OpoidLiquidx: H5 SR 150, Champ #32 Slayer. MCC 32 Hardcore H3, 19 Hardcore H2, 33 Hardcore Reach, 45 Hardcore H2A, 27 Hardcore CE Doubles.

HOODEDBALLER: N/A, work in progress. Player looking to improve.


Team Ravage: Gulchshot (Team Captain), Cypher H5 (Co-Captain), ZezeyBR, TheNaireLayr.

Electricoll: Oneshot4L (Team Captain) iSweatymane (Co-Captain) Assault v99, Tyrant HTR


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